Pragusa Launching Flights from Dubrovnik to New York, Beijing, and Tokyo this Summer?

By 9 March 2021
Pragusa Launching Flights from Dubrovnik to New York, Beijing, and Tokyo this Summer?

March 9, 2021 - Will there be flights from Dubrovnik to New York, Beijing, and more international destinations this summer? One new British startup is looking to serve the United States, China, Japan, and more from bases in Dubrovnik and Prague. Meet Pragusa. 

Croatian Aviation reports that Pragusa, a startup founded in Great Britain, has interesting plans for Dubrovnik in the upcoming summer season.

Namely, Pragusa (a combination of the names of Prague and Dubrovnik - Ragusa) plans to launch an interesting program in the upcoming summer flight schedule, and base two wide-body aircraft in both cities to launch lines to world-famous destinations!

According to Simple Flying, the company has already received an incentive support program from both airports and plans to base two aircraft in both cities. 

Pragusa plans to offer direct flights from Dubrovnik to New York, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Chengdu, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, and Johannesburg from June this year, hoping to fill a market gap for premium travel to CE Europe. 

Recall, American Airlines will not run the daily Philadelphia-Dubrovnik service this summer, while Qatar Airways canceled the Doha-Dubrovnik route.

"Before the pandemic, American Airlines used to operate flights between Philadelphia and Dubrovnik. Booking data via OAG Traffic Analyser shows that approximately two-thirds of all passengers that American Airlines flew on this route were transfer passengers.

The majority of them came from Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Boston (BOS), and Charlotte (CLT). A total of over 10,000 passengers reached Dubrovnik by transferring on this American Airlines service to Philadelphia alone," Simple Flying writes. 

The Pragusa fleet should consist of two aircraft types A350-900 and two types A330-300, with custom capacity. Namely, the aircraft will have only one class in the passenger cabin, or premium economy, with a maximum capacity of 250 passengers.

Simply Flying adds that Pragusa passengers will have a choice:

- 7-day trip with organized tours in the destination, e.g. New York - Dubrovnik - New York,

- 14-day trip to Europe with arrival in Dubrovnik and return from Prague (or vice versa),

- the possibility of buying a one-way ticket, e.g. Dubrovnik - Tokyo,

- classic return tickets on the listed lines.

Croatian Aviation believes that the plan is, to say the least, optimistic, especially in this crisis year. The realization of a project of this scale might not be so risky in the record 2019, but given the reduced passenger demand and the current restrictions on travel between countries, it is really brave to launch such a project today?

What do you think about the potential of Pragusa launching flights from Dubrovnik to New York and more this summer?

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