Flights to Croatia: Aeroflot Will Not Return to Zagreb this Winter

By 19 October 2020
Flights to Croatia: Aeroflot Will Not Return to Zagreb this Winter

October 19, 2020 - The latest news for flights to Croatia as Aeroflot will not return to Zagreb this winter, suspending operations on the Moscow Zagreb route. 

Croatian Aviation reports that Russia's national airline will not return to Zagreb airport this winter. Aeroflot suspended operations on the Moscow-Zagreb route during the pandemic and did not operate on it in the summer flight schedule this year.

Under normal circumstances, Aeroflot operated on the Moscow-Zagreb route daily, in both summer and winter schedules. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the company stopped traffic on this line and the possibility of re-establishing flight operations in the winter flight schedule was left as an option, but after the number of infected people in Croatia (as well as in other countries across Europe) increased again, the company closed sales on the Moscow-Zagreb line for the entire winter flight schedule 2020/2021.

Zagreb is no exception in this case, as Aeroflot has drastically reduced the number of its destinations in Europe and the world.

This summer, Aeroflot, along with Zagreb, did not operate to the other two destinations in Croatia, Split and Dubrovnik, although flights to Split were announced from August this year. However, in early May, Aeroflot landed at Zagreb Airport with a B777-300ER aircraft without passengers, transporting humanitarian aid from China via Moscow to Zagreb.

The first regular flight between Zagreb and Moscow is currently announced for March 28, 2021, when the summer flight schedule also begins. The capitals of Russia and Croatia will be without a direct air connection for more than a year.

However, not all hope is lost for Zagreb. Croatian Aviation recently announced that Dutch airline KLM is offering daily flights between Amsterdam and Zagreb until the end of November this year.

The company plans to operate daily on this line in November, with E190 aircraft, with a capacity of 100 passengers. The daily direct connection between Zagreb and Amsterdam is extremely important, primarily because it is possible to continue the journey through Amsterdam to a number of European and world destinations.

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