PHOTOS: Dinara Nature Park - Croatia's Latest Area of Protected Countryside

By 18 September 2020
Dinara mountain, within the proposed Dinara Nature Park
Dinara mountain, within the proposed Dinara Nature Park © Knin Tourist Board

September 18, 2020 – Some of the most spectacular views in Croatia can be enjoyed from the mountainous peaks of the soon-to-be designated Dinara Nature Park

On Thursday 17 September 2020, a bill was presented to the Croatian parliament seeking to designate Dinara as the country's next Nature Park. A mountainous region of bountiful vantage points which gift spectacular views, it is also home to the source of the Cetina river and many species of rare flora and fauna. Here, we look at some of Dinara's singular beauty.

118296830_3151739395053360_1702581076563600301_o.jpgThe Dinara mountain © Knin Tourist Board

Rich in natural assets, Croatia already has eight national parks and eleven nature parks. The new Dinara Nature Park would include the Dinara mountain, the Croatian side of Troglav and Kamešnica mountains, the source and upper course of the Cetina River and the Hrvatačko, Paško and Vrličko fields which run along it, a total of almost 63,000 hectares in the Šibenik-Knin and Split-Dalmatia counties.

1024px-P1030043_2.jpgThe source of the Cetina river © Cabrio2

116016279_3121203964773570_8130670753145189708_o.jpgAnother view of the Cetina's source © Knin Tourist Board

Dinara Nature Park - source of the Cetina river

Dinara Nature Park is the source of the Cetina river. Several springs occur at the river's start, near a village called Cetina, not quite halfway between Drniš and the nearby Bosnian border. However, there is one spectacularly coloured lake attributed as the main source. It is several hundred metres deep and is within eyesight of two defensive medieval fortresses, Glavaš and Prozor.

116016279_3122150518012248_3606236428092847625_o.jpgThe foothills of the Dinara are filled with wildflowers © Knin Tourist Board

The mountain peaks of Dinara Nature Park

Standing at 1831 meters, the Dinara mountain is the highest peak in Croatia. Adrian Horos is the ancient Greek name for the Dinara mountain - it means 'border of the Adriatic'. Included within the Dinara Nature Park, the Troglav mountain is even higher. But, Troglav straddles the border with Bosnia. Its peak, standing at 1913 meters, is located on the other side.

100991422_3067354443491856_4877565663943589888_o.jpegThe Dinara Nature Park area has an extended season for hiking and mountaineering, a benefit of its cooler summer temperatures © Knin Tourist Board

Although uninhabited, Dinara is a popular place for hiking and mountain climbing. The activities extend through much of the year and ramblers and gifted with incredible views of Peruća lake and the Svilaj, Promina and Troglav mountains.

Flora and fauna of Dinara Nature Park

Gently rolling hills and fields lie on the approach to the mountain and are filled with wildflowers. Around 750 plant species live in the proposed Dinara Nature Park area. More than 110 are already afforded special protection and 55 are endemic to Croatia.

3241px-Gypful.jpgA Griffon vulture, one of the rare inhabitants of the Dinara Nature Park © Pierre Dalous

The Dinara Nature Park's forests and river-cut valleys are home to animals like the brown bear, wolf, lynx, wild boar, badger and rabbit. The lakes and relative isolation make it a favourite of indigenous or migratory bird species such as the golden eagle, snake eagle, grey falcon, griffon vulture, pheasant, quail, woodpecker and warblers. Around 15 species of endangered lizards, snakes and amphibians also live here.

mountain-5400309_1920.jpeg© Biljana Jovanovic

Geology of Dinara Nature Park - waterfalls and caves

Several caves and waterfalls have been formed in the area's karst rock, the influence of the water which has passed through the region for millennia. One of the waterfalls, Topoljski Buk, also known as Krčić waterfall, is some 22 metres high. You can find it close to the village of Kovačić, near Knin.

Krcic_Knin_Croatia.jpgThe Krčić waterfall near Knin © Wikipedia

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