Tourism in the Corona Age: 10 Virtual Ways to Discover Crikvenica

By 18 July 2020
Tourism in the Corona Age: 10 Virtual Ways to Discover Crikvenica
Photo from Tourist Board Bibinje Facebook

July 18, 2020 - Tourism was on hold when we started this series of articles, but most of us still have plenty of time. So let's look at the virtual resources available to explore Croatia virtually. We continue our new Virtual Croatia series with the tools to discover Crikvenica, a sea-side town often considered "the beach of Zagreb".

A few weeks ago I wrote that being a tourism blogger in the corona era was about as useful as being a cocktail barman in Saudi Arabia. I feel less useless now, a few weeks later, and I am encouraged by the number of Croatian tourism businesses who are contacting us wanting to start thinking of promoting post-corona tourism. 

One of the challenges of writing about tourism at the moment is that there is nothing positive to write about. With people confined to their homes and tourism in Croatia currently not possible, many have decided to go into hibernation until it is all over. 

I think that this is a mistake, and I have greatly enjoyed the TCN series by Zoran Pejovic of Paradox Hospitality on thinking ahead to tourism in a post-corona world.  You can find Zoran's articles here.

Way back on March 14 - several lifetimes ago - I published an article called Tourism in the Corona Age: 10 Virtual Ways to Discover Zagreb. The way I saw things, now was an OUTSTANDING opportunity for tourism promotion. People have time, they yearn for their freedom and former lives, so give them the tools to thoroughly research and enjoy your destinations, and you will have then longing to be there. And when they do come, they will have a deeper understanding of the destination due to their research. 

South Africa and Portugal were the first to do their post-corona tourism promotion videos several weeks ago (Post-Corona Tourism Planning: Lessons from South Africa and Portugal), a trick which has been followed by other tourism countries, the latest being Croatia with the national tourist board campaign, #CroatiaLongDistanceLove, going live yesterday.

But while these campaigns create longing and market presence, they don't really educate. People now have time to really get into destinations. And dreams of escape to somewhere more exotic are high on the list of priorities of many. 

So TCN has decided to help with that education with a new series called Virtual Croatia, where we will be helping you discover many of Croatia's destinations with all the best virtual tools available on your self-isolating sofa at home. 

We started with Tourism in the Corona Age: 10 Virtual Tools to Discover Hvar.

After this, we put our a press release (which you can read here in English and Croatian) offering a free article to any local tourist board in Croatia who would like the free promotion in our Virtual Croatia series

The Sinj Tourist Board was the first to respond, and now you can see just how rich the tourism offer is in this proud Alka town - your virtual tools to Discover Sinj. This was followed by Discover OpatijaDiscover Brela, Discover RogoznicaDiscover Stari GradDiscover OmišDiscover LumbardaDiscover Jezera, Discover Šolta, Discover Cavtat and Konavle, Discover KoprivnicaDiscover PašmanDiscover Gradac, Discover Virovitica, and Discover Bibinje.

Gordana Jelenović from the Crikvenica Riviera Tourist Board gave us a hand in putting together some resources for you to discover Crikvenica. 

Let's begin! 

Discover Crikvenica - Zagreb's Beach

Riviera Crikvenica in 4K from 2018

Beautifully safe - promo video by Tourist Board made this year

Beautifully safe - promo video by Tourist Board in English

A perfect oasis - promo video

Crikvenica without people, earlier this year


Beaches as far as the eye can see

Crikvenica beaches in 2020

Another video that will make you want to jump in right away 

A German video about the beauty of Crikvenica

XCM Bike Marathon in and around Crikvenica

Swimming marathon Šilo (Krk) - Crikvenica

Crikvenica Riviera - an Oasis of well-being

Monty's Dog Beach & Bar Crikvenica

Discover Crikvenica Websites

Crikvenica Riviera Tourist Board website offers you a lot of resources, including a video section where you can find many more videos about the town and the Riviera around it. You can learn more about the Riviera, including about their history, location, climate, and more. And you can even see what's happening right now, on their web-cams.  

Are you now beginning to understand why we said that Crikvenica is popular with the people of Zagreb, and that it's not JUST because it's close?


To discover more of virtual Croatia, you can follow this series in our dedicated section, Virtual Croatia

If you are a local tourist board in Croatia and would like your destination featured in this series for free, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Subject Virtual Croatia (and destination name)