Stay Safe While Traveling with Croatian Motorways COVID-19 Campaign

By 12 July 2020
Stay Safe While Traveling with Croatian Motorways COVID-19 Campaign
Croatian Motorways

July 12, 2020 - Given the increase in the number of infected in Croatia and other European countries, but also the intensification of tourist traffic, Croatian Motorways has launched an informative campaign for safe travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

HRTurizam reports that posters calling for compliance with epidemiological measures are being placed on the entire network of HAC and ARZ shares, and they will be located at rest stops, sales offices and petrol stations of INA, CRODUX, TIFON and PETROL, which are campaign partners. The bilingual posters contain a QR code link to the website.

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Also, a leaflet in 8 languages was prepared and distributed to Croatian National Tourist Board offices, HAK, car clubs and camping organizations in the countries from which the majority of motorized tourist traffic comes. The leaflets contain information on travel planning, contactless payment models as well as recommendations for adhering to epidemiological measures.

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With the opening of borders, the arrival of foreign tourists and the holiday season for domestic users, traffic on motorways is also increasing.

52 percent of last year's tourist traffic was realized in July by July 9, and there are currently 500,000 tourists in Croatia.

Although HAC and ARZ currently account for approximately 70% of last year's traffic, peak loads on the roads also create traffic jams on motorway facilities, so a balanced information campaign seeks to maintain coronavirus awareness and encourage responsible behavior.

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"During the summer season, HAC conducts campaigns related to travel and safety on highways. After the excellent response of users to the campaign "Emergency Corridor Saves Lives", we planned a campaign for senior drivers for this season, but the conditions of the new normal imposed other priorities," said the President of the Board of HAC, Ph.D. Boris Huzjan.

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The messages of the information campaign were harmonized by the experts and the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, and the templates of the information posters were given to other motorway concessionaires in the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Motorways concludes.

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