Split Tourist Board Releases Latest Video in #TogetherinSplit Campaign

July 8, 2020 - The Split Tourist Board continues its #TogetherInSplit campaign with a new video.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Split Tourist Board has sent an encouraging message to domestic and foreign tourists, but also to all those who participate in creating the Split tourist product, one of the most successful in Croatia. The new normal brings with it new rules of conduct, but also the contents that tourists seek after isolation.

"Following the trends in world tourism, it is clear that today's guests are looking for the opportunity to enjoy a vacation while respecting physical distance, and adherence to all hygienic and other epidemiological measures. Facilities that exclude large gatherings and enable experiences in nature are in demand," says Alijana Vuksic, adding that Split and its surroundings offer experiences adapted to this type of demand.

The concept of the new video, designed and realized in the small, creative team of the Split Tourist Board and the video production company FILMOFIL, led by Ante Gugic and Luka Rukavina, is also going in that direction. "This video is the result of the unity of the public and private sector, and we take this opportunity to thank all those who volunteered and showed unity in times of crisis, especially the Mestrovic Gallery, KUD Jedinstvo, Nextbike public bicycle system, travel agencies Given2Fly Adventures and Adriatic Melody, restaurant ZOI, klapa Susur, Marjan Pak and everyone who contributed to the successful realization of the video.

HNK Split actor Niksa Arcanin and young actress Dora Bogdanovic, who play a modern Emperor Diocletian and Empress Prisca, lead us through the video, and separate and explore the city from different perspectives due to different interests, discovering what the city created at the imperial palace has to offer. From the unique heritage of the old town, through walking or cycling through its streets, enjoying the beaches where there is enough space for the prescribed physical distance, Marjan views and outdoor activities just a step away from the city center. Sailing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, climbing, various sports, excursions and walks on Mosor, Kozjak, along the Zrnovnica river, and visits to museums and gastronomy ... all this is the wealth that Split can offer guests, as a complement to the heritage of which Split is most often recognized in the world, all just a step away from each other.

With an optimistic message about the reunion in Split, we present Split as a city that connects people, but especially as a city where centuries of heritage and modernity are connected, which reflects all civilizations that built it through 1700 years. Also, Split is a city where urbanity and nature are inseparable, which is connected to the whole world by the sea, and the views from Marjan and the surrounding hills are wider than all borders. With the video and the entire campaign, we say that the combination of all these dimensions makes Split truly unique, but also accessible for safe enjoyment of its beauties," concludes the Split Tourist Board.

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