Gari Cappelli: Croatia Can Expect Hungarian Tourists on Friday

By 11 June 2020

June 11, 2020 - Gari Cappelli interviewed with RTL Danas in Pula on Wednesday about nautical tourism, and the border openings with Hungary,  BiH and Serbia. 

RTL reports that when talking about holidays, Germans mostly google Croatia, according to the research of the Arbona agency. Croatia is far more interested in German tourists than tourists from Spain or Italy, and the keyword index vacation and Croatia is higher than 75 percent.

For RTL Danas, Boris Misevic spoke with the Minister of Tourism, Gari Capelli, about whether the tourist season is in sight.

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There are not many tourists in Pula, but there is nautical tourism.

"There are some 67,000 tourists in Croatia, and about 20,000 in Istria," Capelli said.

"The Prime Minister has agreed on all the details and the Hungarians are coming to us as early as this Friday, the border with Hungary is opening, next Monday with Austria and those dozen countries that we listed will open around June 15. We also had the right to open the most important market for us next week, which covers 55 percent of Croatia's turnover," revealed Capelli.

He revealed what happened to the borders with BiH and Serbia.

"At the level of the European Union, it has been agreed that we will open within the EU borders around June 15, and then third countries. It will certainly be open by the end of June, especially hoteliers in Makarska and this part, so they called me personally in the last few days. They insist on opening to Bosnia and Herzegovina as soon as possible because there is a lot of interest, I think that we will open the border with BiH as soon as possible, sometime around the 22nd, 23rd at the latest," Capelli said.