Croatia Airlines Passengers Required to Cover Face While Traveling

May 3, 2020 - Croatian national carrier and Star Alliance member Croatia Airlines announced that as of May 4, all of its passengers are required to wear a mask or face coverings on all flights. 

Avio Radar reports that following the decisions and instructions of the public health and civil aviation authorities, Croatia Airlines has taken this precautionary measure to reduce the potential risk of transmitting the coronavirus in flight. Under the new measure, passengers are required to board flights with a face mask or cover, which will be used for the remainder of the flight. Acceptable face covers include two-layer cotton masks, medical (surgical) face masks, and respirator masks with or without a valve. 

To protect the health of the passengers and staff, the Croatian carrier continues to implement many other measures already in place. Namely, cabin crew members who are in direct contact with passengers and ground staff are given adequate protective equipment. Furthermore, the aircraft is disinfected daily, enhanced hygiene measures are carried out during the regular cleaning of the passenger cabin, and various disinfectants are available to staff. The aircraft is also equipped with high-quality filters to purify the air in the passenger cabin, which is supplied with the continuous flow from the atmosphere. The air in the passenger cabin circulates vertically. 

Recall, from May 11, Croatia Airlines will resume domestic flights between Zagreb-Split and Zagreb Dubrovnik. The only international flight operated by Croatia Airlines is between Zagreb and Frankfurt. 

You can see the schedule below:

Zagreb -Split
  • OU652 (08:10 - 09:00) 
  • OU656 (20:20 - 21:10)
Split - Zagreb
  • OU653 (09:45 - 10:35)
  • OU657 (21:50 - 22:40)
Zagreb - Dubrovnik
  • OU662 (08:00 - 09:05)
  • OU664 (20:20 - 21:25)
Dubrovnik - Zagreb
  • OU663 (09:50 - 10:55)
  • OU665 (22:10 - 23:15)

Fortunately, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, no cases have been reported on Croatia Airlines flights. The national carrier will continue to adapt to the current situation and the official decisions and instructions of public health competent authorities. 

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