Domestic Flights in Croatia to Resume from May 11

By 24 April 2020

April 24, 2020 - Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic announced at Thursday’s government session that domestic air traffic in Croatia would soon resume as part of the loosened measures in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Namely, Avio Radar reports that Andrej Plenkovic announced that domestic flights in Croatia would resume from May 11, 2020. 

Croatian national carrier Croatia Airlines has been allegedly preparing to reinstate flights for some time, and there are several scenarios in the pipeline. However, the decision on which scenario to implement and which flights to introduce depends on several factors, including the prescribed measures of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Croatia, the European Civil Aviation Agency, and with the agreement of airports. 

By this date, not all flights (destinations and frequency) in operation prior to the COVID-19 pandemic will return. 

Ex Yu Aviation reports that the General Manager of Brač Airport, Tonči Peović, said that flights from Zagreb to Split and Dubrovnik would be resumed first, and other domestic destinations later on. 

Recall, Croatia Airlines stopped domestic services in March, and while almost all of Croatia’s airports are still open, only Zagreb Airport is running commercial flights (i.e.,  the Croatia Airlines service to Frankfurt). 

Dubrovnik Airport is the only airport closed in Croatia and has been closed since March 19 after staff members tested positive for the coronavirus. The airport plans to reopen on May 2. 

A look at the new measures below:

PHASE 1 - April 27, 2020

- Ability to work for all business entities engaged in trade, except those operating within shopping centers

- Continuation of work to all business entities engaged in service activities, except those in which close contact with customers is observed, respecting physical distance measures (for example, carpenter, tailor, locksmith, travel agencies, photo studio)

- Introduction of public city and suburban transport lines and express lines for islands not connected by ferry

- Libraries, museums, galleries, antiques and bookstores to open

- Facilitating training of athletes I and II. categories in individual sports and senior sports teams competing in the highest level of competition

- Facilitating the state professional exam for priority groups of students

PHASE 2 - May 4, 2020

- Enabling the full operation of the public health system, with the exception of exceptions in line with the Ministry of Health measures

- Enabling the full operation of the private health system, with due regard for specific epidemiological measures

- Ability to work for all business entities engaged in service activities in which close contact with clients is observed, with respect to specific epidemiological measures (for example, hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, pedicurists)

PHASE 3 - May 11, 2020

- Gatherings of up to 10 people in one place allowed, while respecting physical distance measures

- Facilitating the operation of shopping malls while respecting specific epidemiological measures

- Facilitating the work of preschools and elementary classes from grades 1-4 and special classes and working with children with disabilities who have a teaching assistant

- Laboratory, artistic and clinical exercises and practical work allowed in small groups in higher education

- Introduction of inter-county and domestic air services

- Allowing catering facilities to work exclusively in outdoor areas and terraces

- Allowing catering facilities to work in accommodation facilities only for users of accommodation services

- Operation of national and nature parks allowed

- Expanding opportunities for issuing e-passes

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