Travel Tomorrow: Croatian National Tourist Board Joins World Tourism Organization Campaign

By 24 April 2020

April 24, 2020 - The Croatian National Tourist Board is involved in a campaign launched by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to promote gastronomy as an essential part of tourism and the overall tourist offer.

HRTurizam writes that the gastronomic project is part of the #TravelTomorrow campaign that seeks to highlight the fundamental and enduring value of tourism, including the culinary heritage of UNWTO member countries.

As part of the project, each country will highlight its most famous national dish, which will be promoted through UNWTO's official website through video material, photos and original recipes. The richness and diversity of Croatian gastronomy will be presented through Zagorje strudel, a traditional specialty of Croatian Zagorje.

In Croatia's video campaign, the process of making Zagorje strukli or struklji is presented, whose popularity has spread from the Croatian Zagorje to other parts of Croatia. Today, it is one of the trademarks of Croatian gastronomy.

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism sector, the UNWTO aims to show how culinary heritage gives people a strong sense of belonging and brings a touch of local flavors to their homes to keep the dream of future travel alive.

Hrvatska Puna okusa - Štrukli from Croatia Full Of Life on Vimeo.

Croatia is also part of WTTC and ETC promotional campaigns

The Croatian National Tourist Board will also join the #TogetherInTravel World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), a global tourism authority representing the private sector and destinations in all parts of the world.

The goal of this campaign is to highlight the importance of tourism worldwide by encouraging interaction by sharing promotional material in the form of videos and photos with the common tag #TogetherInTravel. Also, as pointed out by the CNTB, in addition to several European tourist organizations, they are participating in a significant promotional project, being supported by the European Travel Commission (ETC), through the promotion of several types of tourism products such as nature and outdoors, and creative cities, history and cultural heritage.

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