Tourism Will Be Back! Meet the Badass Women of Zagreb (VIDEO Tour with Iva Silla)

By 31 March 2020

March 31, 2020 - Tourism might be on hold right now, but there are still virtual ways to travel - meet the original Badass Women of Zagreb. 

Terrible times in the Croatian capital at the moment, as it battles the triple whammy of corona on the outside, earthquake aftermath on the inside, and economic downturn everywhere. 

But Zagreb and Croatia will survive, because Croatians are very resilient and full of character, and have been that way forever. 

To give you some historical perspective, meet the original Badass Women of Zagreb, a wonderfully unique tour designed by Iva Silla from the fabulous Secret Zagreb


Join this tour to hear stories about women who believed in themselves and their talents, who pursued their dreams, who exposed themselves to the criticism of public, about the boldest heroines…

Opera singers, car drivers, models, scientists, soldiers… Learn about uncompromising, tough, bold, gamechanging women of Croatia, who lived or worked in Zagreb during their lifetime.

And, as travel to the Croatian capital is not an option right now, we have decided to bring the Badass Women of Zagreb to you. 

Shortly before all this madness began, I gave a task to our three interns from Zagreb University - Paula Anic, Janja Sestak and Ana Samodol - meet up with Iva and take her badass tour. 

They did a great job, and you can see the results of their work in this video tour below, which was filmed by Paula. 

Tourism will be different in the future, but the quality will remain and thrive I believe, and agencies such as the pioneering Zagreb will once more soon be taking visitors to the unknown stories of the Croatian capital. 

You can learn more about what will await you from Iva's official website.

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