Croatian State Roads to Get Traffic Cameras: 'Big Brother' Expands

By 30 December 2019

Watch how you drive in the Croatian countryside! Traffic 'big brother' is coming to state roads too. Forty new cameras will be installed throughout Croatia next year and camera traffic surveillance data will be collected and analyzed at a new center under construction in Karlovac.

Croatian State Roads Will Get Traffic Cameras Too

Following the widespread installation of police cameras and the introduction of motorway speed cameras, new traffic surveillance cameras will be coming to state roads next year, They will be used for traffic control and all data will be collected at the Središnji centar za upravljanje prometom (Central Traffic Management Center) in Karlovac, which is currently under construction, according to ŠibenikIN on December 26, 2019.

Two locations in each county will be under the watchful camera eye and more than 40 cameras will be installed on state roads next year. The footage will be collected at the Central Traffic Management Center, which has already received 6.5 million HRK (872,500 EUR) in funding.

Cameras Will Monitor Traffic 24 Hours a Day

The new cameras will allow traffic to be monitored 24 hours a day from a single application and will also capture vehicle license plate numbers. Croatian citizens, residents and tourists will have access to road and weather information on an app at any time of day to help plan travel.

"If someone wants to cross the border crossing at Kostajnica, they will be able to see a real-time image showing whether a line has formed at that border crossing and can choose an alternative less-crowded border crossing if necessary. Drivers can also see whether there is a line at a traffic light in Varaždin, for example," Slaviša Babić of Hrvatske ceste (Croatian Roads) explains.

Traffic Violators Will Not Face Prosecution

Although the new cameras will record speeders and drivers who run through red lights, the surveillance technology will not be used to prosecute drivers.

"This again demonstrates an overall lack of coordination and systemic accountability, because non-sanctioned surveillance will not be as effective as it could be. This surveillance camera technology is only being used at ten percent of its potential," explains Željko Marušić, a traffic expert.

The test phase of the project is expected to be complete in October next year, and by 2025 cameras will be deployed at 300 locations throughout Croatia, HRT reports.

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