FlixBus and Croatian Railways: Synergy in Future of Sustainable Travel

By 21 December 2019

December 21, 2019 -  As integrated transport occupies an increasingly important place in the future of sustainable driving and becomes an alternative to using passenger vehicles, the more transport providers see the future precisely through cooperation. Like the latest project between Flixbus and Croatian Railways. 

HRTurizam writes that this step into the future was also confirmed by the first collaboration between the leading European bus carrier and the national rail passenger transport. FlixBus and HŽŽ (Croatian Railways) have networked to their advantage and now, European destinations like Vienna, Rome, Paris or Prague are closer to destinations like Bjelovar, Sisak, Zabok or Koprivnica.

In recent years, FlixBus has developed the largest international bus network with over 400,000 daily connections in 30 countries. By collaborating with HŽ Passenger Transport, an additional 70 destinations from Central Croatia are included in this global network with almost 170 daily departures.

Thanks to this collaboration, travelers can now plan their trip to the most desirable European destinations by combining train and bus rides. Those traveling by train from or to Zagreb from Sisak, Bjelovar, Križevci, Koprivnica, Zabok, Krapina and Karlovac and everywhere the train passes can travel directly to 10 European countries such as Germany, Italy or France with one ticket for both carriers. Available combination destinations and tickets can be found today on the free mobile app and the FlixBus website and at the ticket office of the Sisak railway station.

“From the outset, the mission of FlixBus is to provide everyone with a comfortable and easy journey. Smartly connecting different transport models is crucial in carrying out this mission. Cooperation with Croatian Railways is the next step in the future of integrated travel and an easy journey for all,” said Ante Grbeša, Director of  FlixBus CEE South.

Traveling by train is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long run. Accordingly, Croatian Railways focuses its development policy on business and social goals based on the principles of sustainable development. By adapting to the challenges of mobility and increasing the quality of service, they promote integrated transport, which improves the movement of the population to improve the quality of life of citizens.

"The introduction of integrated regular transport creates added value and citizens will be able to use one ticket for train and bus transportation. This type of transport is part of positive European practice and we believe that we will soon offer it in other major cities. Using public transport relieves the city roads, so I hope that citizens will be satisfied with this service and use cars less,” said Željko Ukic, President of Croatian Railways Board. 

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