Croatian Railways: Refund or Voucher if Train More Than 60 Minutes Late

By 4 December 2019

Croatian Railways is introducing a new guideline: If your train is more than 60 minutes late, you are entitled to a partial refund or travel voucher.

According to Poslovni Dnevnik on December 4, 2019; here's what you’ll need to do to get your partial refund or voucher. As of today, passengers using Croatian Railways are entitled to a partial refund for 60 to 119-minute delay. They will be paid a refund, which is 25 percent of the ticket price, and the refund deadline is one month after the application is received.

Instead of a receiving a partial refund, the passenger can choose a travel voucher of equal value, as reported on the official website of HZ Passenger Transport.

The Statute of the European Parliament and Council on rail passengers' rights and obligations will be in effect as of today. According to the new law, passengers are entitled to a partial refund for a delay of 60 to 119 minutes, which is equivalent to 25 percent of the ticket price. Travelers are entitled to a 50 percent refund for delays longer than 120 minutes, reports tportal.

In order to exercise their rights to a refund, passengers must submit their original ticket (certified by a train attendant or cashier) and send the request and the certified ticket by mail to:

HŽ Putnički prijevoz
Prodaja i marketing
Strojarska cesta 11
10 000 Zagreb

The refund payment, as noted, does not apply to subsidized tickets, those sold by other railway ticket vendors or tickets for railway workers for their work or business trips. The refund for the delay will be paid to the passenger within one month of receipt of their application.

HZ Passenger Transport will not pay a refund of less than 4 EUR (at the current HRK conversion rate). Passengers can download claim forms on their website here.

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