Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Split this Winter

By 21 November 2019

November 21, 2019 - Why should you visit Split this winter? A closer look. 

When thinking about Split, we’re relatively sure you imagine the summertime, as the word is almost synonymous with a holiday in the hot sun. But those of us who have been lucky enough to experience Split in the wintertime will tell you that this Dalmatian hotspot is worth visiting any time of the year. 

While the sea may be too cold to swim and you shouldn’t count on getting tanned, Split in the winter is magic. And we’re here to tell you why. 

Advent celebrations

One of the more obvious reasons Split lights up in the wintertime is thanks to  Advent, a festive holiday celebration held for all of December that can get any grinch into the Christmas spirit. Split is known as one of the more unique Advent celebrations - or where Christmas meets the coast. The seaside city transforms into a winter wonderland, where locals and visitors can imbibe in warm mulled-wine, steamy sausages, and cultural concerts and events. This year’s Advent will even feature an ice skating rink at Dardin park in the heart of the city, while the party at Perivoj should not be skipped. 

Winter menus

One of the best things about winter is the food - and the fact that you can enjoy it all since no one will see you in a swimsuit anytime soon. One thing Split can boast is a thriving restaurant scene with creative brains behind them who use the changing seasons to craft unique menus for their faithful patrons to taste. This is no different in the winter, where you’ll find hearty winter menus on display at many of the restaurants in the center. Better yet, many restaurants choose to honor the locals in the offseason with promotional menu prices - from 3 courses to 8! 


Winter concert schedule 

While the summer may be known for its party, the winter in Split is when the real fun happens - and that’s mostly thanks to a packed winter concert schedule. Many venues that close for the summer reopen in the winter to give the locals a place to let loose in the offseason. Some of Croatia’s biggest pop stars, singers, and rock groups will take the stage in Split throughout the season in a more intimate setting than you can imagine at a summer festival. From Severina to Pshihomodo Pop, this winter in Split will be anything but dull. 

No crowds

Another apparent reason Split is enjoyable in the winter is the lack of crowds. While the empty alleyways may be eerie to some, for the locals, they are a dream. Tour groups no longer pack into the center like sardines in a can, and we are given a chance to walk peacefully around the city to admire the ancient history around us. You’ll also find that you can breathe visiting museums or many of Split’s famous attractions, which promises even better photos for you to take home in the end. 

The weather

There is one fundamental rule you should follow in Split - and that is never to forget your sunglasses no matter the time or the weather. But whoever coined this golden rule was certainly onto something, and that’s because the weather in Split often calls for the sun. It doesn't matter that it is winter, the forecast in Split could call for sunshine, and the cafes on the Riva could be as packed as a hot summer day. 

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