Rijeka 2020: 1000 Events, 268-Page Guide in English: Now Available!

By 9 November 2019

November 9, 2019 - Rijeka 2020, the European Capital of Culture, is only a few months away. A timely English-language overview of the 1,000 events planned, introduced by the man who translated the brochure. 

The official programme for next year’s European Capital of Culture was launched at the end of October with a special promotional party in the city of Rijeka, attended by the media, sponsors, partners and special guests.

The programme’s 268-page brochure printed in separate Croatian and English editions outlines all the programmes, main exhibitions, artistic interventions, festivals, music, theatre and dance events as well community programmes, building restorations, meetings and conferences which will all kick off officially with the Rijeka Carnival in February 2020. In total about 1,000 events are planned in the city, the surroundings, on the islands and throughout Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

This first English edition of just 700 printed copies will be updated with added events and information as 2020 approaches. The current English language brochure is available to view and download here.

And you can keep abreast of the events and preparations on the official website, and of course on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

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See you in Rijeka in 2020!

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