Large Cruise Ships Can Now Comfortably Dock in Rijeka Port

By 30 October 2019

As Morski writes on the 30th of October, 2019, the Port of Rijeka's authority has installed new floating pontoons for the reception of large cruise ships, so that some of the world's largest cruisers are now able to enter and dock on the Rijeka breakwater when visiting the city which is soon to become the European Capital of Culture.

Two new floating pontoons measuring nine times six and a half metres will now allow for the reception of very large cruisers and merchant ships of up to 295 metres in length. The investment which has now enabled the Port of Rijeka to be able to accept much larger vessels, such as passenger cruisers which are often seen docking in Croatian ports stands at two million kuna, according to a report from HRT.

Year after year, the number of cruisers arriving not only in Croatia as a whole, but more specifically in the Northern Adriatic and in the City of Rijeka is growing. Despite complaints about how these giant ships negatively affect the environment and pollute not only the air but the sea, some brand new floating pontoons are in the pipeline for the upcoming season in Rijeka, with about forty cruisers carrying 74,000 passengers already announced.

The move is even more important as 2020 is the year when Rijeka becomes the European Capital of Culture and is likely to experience greater publicity and as such an even stronger tourism boom because of that.

The newly installed pontoons will provide much the Port of Rijeka much needed additional capacity to be able to safely and securely accommodate large cruisers. The city's port authority is also in the process of building a brand new southern berth for vessels that will cost around thirty million euros in total. The money will be provided to Rijeka from European Union (EU) funds.

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