Meet Tennis Holidays Croatia, Bespoke Sports Tourism At Its Finest

By 13 September 2019

September 13, 2019 - Meet Tennis Holidays Croatia, a tailor-made travel experience to ensure your best trip yet. 

We often find ourselves on holidays where we’re told ‘this is what you want’ or ‘this is what you need’, but how often do we really choose how we want to travel?

Thankfully, bespoke tourism has kicked off in recent years, especially after the copy-and-paste tourism of today began wearing thin. Travelers are now catching on more and more to crafting holidays tailored to their desires, wants, and needs.

What is it that drives you to travel in the first place, you might be asked? Is it the gastronomy? The culture? The architecture? Or, in this case, the sport? 

This is where Tennis Holidays Croatia comes into play. 

Meet Tennis Holidays Croatia, the brainchild of CEO Bojan Dvoršek who wanted to show his country to the world while offering travelers a taste of one of its trademark sports - tennis. 

After a successful career as a tennis player, Bojan jumped into the world of coaching, where he also found himself at the helm of organizing several tennis events. Because organizing events of your own pushes you to visit ones organized by others, Bojan quickly caught onto the fact that tennis holidays in Croatia were an offer he couldn’t escape. 


However, two significant points were missing - the client’s needs weren’t placed at the forefront of the experience, and Croatia’s authenticity was far from being exhibited. Thus, Bojan put these two factors into focus to deliver Tennis Holidays Croatia. 

Namely, Tennis Holidays Croatia focuses on each guest's individual talents and issues, working on their pain points while improving their skills in a short time. But tennis makes up only half of the deal, as guests get to experience Croatia through the eyes of a local, too.

It’s not hard to see why the idea quickly took off, and Bojan eagerly gathered a team of skilled professionals to work aside him, a team of like-minded people with the same passion for tennis and tourism as he. Thus, 18 years of Bojan’s diligence in the tennis world created the foundation for Tennis Holidays Croatia. And a new tennis and tourism adventure was born. 

Now, let’s dig more into the details of Tennis Holidays Croatia. 

First things first, at Tennis Holidays Croatia, the client is always placed at the forefront of any tennis trip. This means precisely that each experience is shaped around the needs of the guest and fashioned to how the guest can improve. Better yet, no individual will lose any time relearning the universal rules of tennis, but only work on targeting the obstacles they face in their game. 

All of this, of course, is done while you’re whizzed around Croatia like a local - from relaxing on the pebbled beaches to exploring its vibrant history, indulging in its native cuisine or partaking in its popular nightlife. However, you get to choose how you want to mix things up. Remember, this is a holiday tailored to you; a tennis trip with all the tips; a holiday with your prescribed dose of sport and tourism. 

So, how does this bespoke sports travel experience really work? 

Now that we have your attention, you must be wondering how you can be a part of what Tennis Holidays Croatia has to offer. And we don’t blame you, so listen up. 

When visiting the company’s website, you can browse and select many events already on offer. Each holiday has three components - destination, tennis program and extra activities (Tennis+). The tennis lessons and activities are optional, which prove great for groups that include both tennis players and those who’d prefer a holiday without it. 

Three primary tennis events occur in each destination - short break tennis holidays (read more here), tennis holiday weeks (read more here) and special events (read more here), which serve to present the customers with the options already available. If one of these events draws your attention, but you’re unable to attend on the scheduled date, feel free to suggest a date you can make to begin the process. Essentially, you are free to choose your dates and your experiences and can adapt anything else to your wishes. 

The tennis holidays travel to the Croatian towns of Poreč, Mali Lošinj, Zadar, Biograd, Vodice, Split, Cavtat, and Zagreb, which give you a taste of the Croatian coast and the capital. Since ‘tailor-made’ is their middle name, you won’t have to move a muscle in searching for the best hotel or transfer company - Tennis Holidays will have every everything prepared for you upon your arrival. Whether it's welcoming you at the airport to ensuring you make it to your hotel in style, all perks are already included in the price of your trip, confirming a swift and painless experience in times proven to be most stressful - like getting to and from the airport. 


Tennis Holidays Croatia offers three types of tennis coaching programs - full, half and custom

The Full Tennis Programme (20 hours) is an ideal tennis getaway for passionate players. This trip includes 20 hours of professional tennis coaching, with group classes and private lessons. 

The 20-hour tennis program includes:

5 X group training sessions (180 min)

2 X private coaching sessions (60 min)

3 hours of tournament evening

4 hrs use of tennis courts out of tennis coaching hours

The Half Tennis Programme (10 hours) is the right choice if you’re looking to stay for the week or enjoy a long weekend stay. This program is geared towards players who prefer a balance between tennis and holiday activities. 

The 10-hour tennis program includes:

2 X group training sessions (180 min)

1 X private coaching session (60 min)

3 hours of tournament evening

2 hrs use of tennis courts out of tennis coaching hours

However, the Custom Tennis Program is the perfect choice for individuals or groups who have a specific tennis coaching plan in mind. Whether you’re looking to book a private group, group with a coach, school trip, corporate event, kids camp, nothing is out of reach for Tennis Holidays Croatia. 

Furthermore, Tennis+ activities are available on a per-destination basis. In an effort to create a balanced set of fun and excitement, you have the chance to explore Croatia's vibrant history and unique natural and cultural heritage, take on the adrenaline of an active holiday, or relax from tennis practice with a lap of leisure. From the award-winning olive oil region of Istria to the charm of the capital, the natural beauty of the national and nature parks (we know you’ve heard of Plitvice’s 16 cascading lakes) and coastline adorned with water sports, beach clubs, and spells of luxury, Croatia will benefit even the pickiest of travelers. 

To get an idea, some of the actives you can enjoy include:

daily sail

Zrmanja river rafting or canoe safari

Jeep safari in Velebit Nature Park

stand up paddling

hiking tours

sunset cruise

cycling tours

city tours

visiting the National parks

abseiling the Dubrovnik city walls

enjoying the famous oysters of Ston

diving school

dolphin watching

tour of the socialist Zagreb 


Tennis courts in Biograd

But that’s just part of it. 

The philosophy of Tennis Holidays Croatia is simple - it revolves around you. From the beginning to the end, your interests are placed on a pedestal above everything else. Whether you’re a beginner who requires patience or an advanced player hoping to improve their windscreen technique, no job is too large for the Tennis Holidays Croatia team. 

Whether you’re looking for tennis holidays for singles, families or couples, social tennis, tennis for kids, tennis lessons for beginners, amateurs or professionals, of all ages, levels or group sizes, Tennis Holidays Croatia will accommodate your needs - and don’t forget, they also know Croatia inside and out to ensure you get the best local experience on top of it all. 


Unlike the competition, Tennis Holidays Croatia is composed of a local team with a trusted network of colleagues and friends. All here to deliver the ideal tennis holiday. Nothing short of what you deserve. And if you're still not convinced? Check out some first-hand experiences here

You can take a look at Tennis Holidays Croatia’s current events below. 

Tennis Doubles - Strategy & Tactics Drills Short Break

October Half Term in Cavtat, Dubrovnik Region + 10 hrs of tennis coaching for free

Tennis holidays for singles over 50

Tennis holidays for singles

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