Losinj Achieves 2 Million Overnights for 11th Consecutive Year

By 3 September 2019

September 3, 2019 - For eleven consecutive years, the town of Mali Losinj has reached 2 million overnight stays.

This year, by September 1, Mali Losinj achieved 2,013,495 overnights, making it one of the top ten Croatian destinations with the most, reports Novi List.

Thanks to the promotion of key attributes of the image of Losinj island, as well as the efforts and activities invested in organizing events and enriching the year-round offer, from January to August 2019, there were 262,898 arrivals and 1,998,235 overnights.

Guests from Croatia recorded a 4% increase in overnight stays, while foreign guests recorded a 2% decrease in overnight stays, with an average tourist stay of 7.6 days. When looking at the age structure, leading guests are over 35.

The share of total overnights spent by Croats is 14.5%, while foreigners occupy 85.5%. Almost 67.4% of foreign guests came from already four traditionally important broadcast markets; Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Austria. It is led by guests from Slovenia (26.5%), Germany (19.3%), Italy (12.2%), Austria (9.4%), Czech Republic (2.8%), the Netherlands and Poland (1.7%), France (1.5%) and other countries (10.4%).

Looking at the results by accommodation, the most visited were camps (35.3%), followed by households (18.7%), hotels (18.3%) and other types of accommodation (27.7%). Also, the most overnight stays were in Mali Losinj (51.1%), followed by Nerezine (17.8%), Veli Losinj (11.9%), Punta Kriza (6.7%), Osor (4.6%) and other places (7.9%).

In August alone, 762,351 overnights were recorded, which is an increase of 1% compared to the previous year. The arrivals in August totaled 85,382, which is an increase of 5%. The highest percentage of overnight stays in August 2019 was realized in camps (285,454 nights - 37.4%), followed by visits to domestic and private accommodation (152,320 nights - 20%), by hotels (104,408 nights - 13.7%), other hospitality accommodation (82.738 nights - 10.8%) and non-commercial accommodation (137.431 nights - 18.1%).

Many options and events are available for guests who choose to spend their holidays on the ‘island of vitality’. Namely, from September 7 to September 21, 2019, the festival “Losinj sails around the world” will introduce visitors to the golden age of Losinj seafaring through various sport, gastronomic, cultural, entertaining and educational events. The 9th Losinj Half Marathon is also held in September, followed by the 37th Arbunada and the Cres-Losinj Triathlon in October, the 21st Lošinj Cup - Optimist Regatta, and in November, the Cres-Losinj Trail weekend.

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