Rijeka Introduces Integrated Transport to Increase Public Transport

By 3 September 2019

September 3, 2019 - The integrated passenger transportation system by Croatian Railways trains and Autotrolej buses have been put into operation. From September 1, passengers in Rijeka, Bakar and Matulji can also travel by train with Autotrolej tickets at no extra charge, reports HRTurizam.

This is the beginning of the implementation of integrated transport in the Rijeka area, which aims to increase the number of public transport trips, which will lead to a decrease in passenger cars on the roads, an increase in road safety and a reduction in the exhaust gas, the City of Rijeka said.

“The full integration of the railway into urban public transport will follow the construction of the second track between Škrljevo, Rijeka, and Jurdani, and by then this project aims at restoring the habit of using the railway for daily commuting to and from the city. To that end, new stops will be opened by the end of the year in the Bakar and Matulji area, and completion of the stop at the Fenice Theater in the center of Rijeka is expected in January next year,” said Rijeka Mayor Veljko Obersnel.


From now on, trains carry passengers from Šapjane in the west, to Fužine in the east, with passengers using a unique monthly subscription card for transport by train and city buses.

The Agreement on long-term partnership in the development of integrated passenger transport in the City of Rijeka, as well as the Agreement on the promotion of integrated passenger transport using a work, student, and retirement prepaid card, was signed in June this year, when the first passenger train test was organized on the Rijeka - Šapjane - Rijeka route. 

The joint monthly ticket of HŽPP - KD Autotrolej enables train transportation within 4 zones and Autotrolej buses. City trains will operate 12 departures daily between Jurdani and Rijeka, while there will be 14 departures between Fužine and Rijeka - Fužine.

Full implementation of the integrated passenger transport system is expected after the construction of the second railway track from Škrljevo to Jurdani.


The construction of the second track on the existing Škrljevo - Rijeka - Šapjane line includes the reconstruction of the existing railway stations and stops at the section in question and the construction of new railway stops in the function of urban/suburban traffic.

Stations outside the city limits (Jurdani, Škrljevo, along with Matulji, Rukavac and Jušići) will be used as endpoints. The length of the route within the city limits is approximately 18 km.

The following city/suburban railway stations are being constructed along the corridor: Pavlovac, Martinkovac, Marčeljeva Draga, Kantrida / Zamet, Krnjevo, Mlaka, Center (Station), Zagrad, Školjić, Sušak, Caves, Podvežica, Vežica, Draga, Sveti Kuzam.

According to the Croatian Railways' plans, the preparation of all documentation for this project, including property legal preparation, should be completed by 2020.

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