To the Countryside! Discover the Rural Tourism of Zagreb County

By 1 September 2019


Zagreb County and the Rural Tourism Association of Croatia will award the three most creative photographs of the Rural Tourism Week due to take place next week, from September 2-8, on 11 farms.

To win the award, competitors have to publish a photo containing any of the visual elements of the To the Countryside project (photo frame, flyers, t-shirts etc.) on Facebook or Instagram. Photos need to be tagged with @idemonaselo and the hashtag #idemo_selo and must be taken and published during the event.

The most creative photo will be chosen by a jury made up of members of Zagreb County as the biggest patron of the organizer of the To the Countryside project - the Rural Tourism Association of Croatia.

idemo-na-selo (3).jpg

The names of the winners will be announced by September 20, 2019. Three awards will be given out: 1st place - countryside weekend for two persons: 2nd place - homemade products package; 3rd place - package of bottled wines from the manifestation participants.

The competition for the most creative photograph is part of the manifestation “To the Countryside - Rural Tourism Week of Zagreb County” taking place from September 2-8. Taking part are 11 farms in Zagreb County that offer rural tourism: from Jastrebarsko (Seosko gospodarstvo Ciban, Vinogradarska kuća Braje and Vinarija Jagunić), from Sveti Ivan Zelina (Vina Kos, Vina Kos – Jurišić and Ljubekov gaj), from Samobor (Etno kuća pod Okićem and Mlin iz bajke), from Ivanić-Grad (Seoski turizam Kezele), from Kloštar-Ivanić (Ladanj kod strica) and from Žumberak (Seljačko gospodarstvo Podžumberak).

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In order to promote rural tourism, time in the countryside and domestic products, Rural Tourism Week will bring about a 30% discount on chosen products and services: accommodation (Seosko gospodarstvo Ciban, Etno kuća pod Okićem, Ladanj kod strica i Seoski turizam Kezele), wine tasting (Vina Kos, Vina Kos-Jurišić, Vinogradarska kuća Braje, Vinarija Jagunić and Mlin iz Bajke), culinary workshop Traditional Žumberak Cuisine (Seljačko domaćinstvo Podžumberak - using their own, freshly collected ingredients grown organically), products (Mlin iz bajke - flour, wines and liqueurs and Ljubekov gaj – wine) as well as rental space for events and sports activities (Etno kuća pod Okićem). Other products and services have standard conditions.

The manifestation patrons are Zagreb County, the Zagreb County Tourism Board, Jastrebarsko Tourism Board, Sveti Ivan Zelina Tourism Board, Samobor Tourism Board, Ivanić-Grad Tourism Board, Croatia Records and various media.

If you would like to enjoy excellent wines, domestic products and culinary workshops, spend the night in the countryside or simply get away from the city bustle, make sure you reserve your spot in time. The event schedule is available on, while all other information is available on Facebook and Instagram profiles Idemo na selo. Reservations are necessary.

The project organizer - Rural Tourism Association of Croatia and manifestation patrons invite people from all parts of Croatia to visit the participating rural establishments.