Dalmatia as It Once Was: Korcula Town in 1972 (VIDEO)

By 21 July 2019

July 21, 2019 - Continuing our at Croatian tourist destinations almost 50 years ago, next up a visit to timeless Korcula Town.  

The latest in our look at destinations in Croatia almost 50 years ago through the video lenses of tourists at the time. 

We have already looked at how the Pearls of the Adriatic and Istria - Dubrovnik and Rovinj - and how they looked back then. These days Rovinj has the most overnight stays of any destination in Croatia (and yet one comment on the video said that the only thing that had really changed were the clothes of the people featured), while Dubrovnik has the most cruise ship guests. 

Today we travel back in time to Korcula Town in 1972. One of my favourite places in all Croatia, with that lovely gentle breeze a constant and natural air conditioner in the heat of the season. 

How much has it changed for you?

A quality tourism destination looking to attract quality guests, not quantity. 

I recently wrote an article Is Korcula Really a Mini Dubrovnik? Please May It Never Be.

I had the nicest 60 seconds of 2019 on Korcula in late April, and I wlil share it with you. The reason there were no people around was that it was shot at 6 am.

Dalmatia at its very finest, both back in 1972 and today.   

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