Adrenaline Hvar: Take the Via Ferrata Challenge with And Adventure or Cliffbase Team

May 9, 2019 - Via Ferrata is open. From wine tasting in a cave to adrenaline views few get to see, discover Hvar beyond the beach.

Are you brave enough?

Hvar beyond the beach and nightlife is an incredible place. an island of culture, with the most UNESCO heritage of any island in the world. And when it comes to adventure...

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Hvar is a sailing, kayaking, cycling and hiking paradise, but if you are into rock climbing, there can be few destinations which offer better views than Sveta Nedelja, especially when you get to combine it with a superb and unique wine tasting in a cave after you have finished.  

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Star addition of 2019 is Via Ferrata, which we introduced a few months ago

Via Ferrata is an Italian meaning 'iron path', a protected challenging trail route built with a steel cable rail fixed to the rock, metal steps, ladders, suspension bridges and zip wires. The via ferrata was used a lot by troops in the First World War, allowing them to make their way through the mountains by using a harness clipped onto the wire. This is also a great way for non-expert climbers to reach high altitudes safely, using minimum equipment.

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Not for the fainthearted, but the views are certainly worth it.  

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 Sveta Nedljelja is famous for its wine, especially the powerful Plavac Mali reds, a grape variety which is related to Zinfandel. The village's steep vineyards and endless southside sun are some of the reasons for the success of this grape variety. And if you want to see what kind of views Hvar grapes enjoy growing up, you really can't beat views like this. 

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The village of Sveta Nedjelja below. 

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And there really is no age limit on those keen to tackle the Villa Ferrata. Here is the 83-year-old Slovakian father of the man behind the Via Ferrata project. 

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The tour with And Adventure takes a leisurely walk back to base, for there is plenty more to explore. There is an incredible church and monastery high above the village which has been built inside a cave.


It was built in the 15th century and the monks lived in total isolation here until 1787. An incredible spot, and a perfect place to catch your breath and admire this incredible island.

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But you are not finished yet. The same Slovakian climbing enthusiast behind Via Ferrata is also making his own Plavac Mali wine, and very good it is too. So good, in fact, that it beat more established names on the island in a blind tasting recently. And in terms of setting, the wine cellar is pretty hard to beat. Enjoy nibbles and wine tasting inside a waterfront cave, before jumping in for a swim.  


How about that for an adrenaline day. And some people just stay on the beach...

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