Want to go to Plitvice? Make Sure You Plan in Advance!

By 6 May 2019

One of the key problems of being a small and very tourist-oriented country is that at times, in certain places, there are just too many tourists. It's a problem that Dubrovnik has struggled with for ages and one that's been causing problems at other sites in Croatia as well, including the national parks which are supposed to protect the natural beauties of Croatia. And probably the place where the struggle between too many people wanting to visit and the conservation efforts is the most visible is the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

So, in order to manage the number of people visiting the park each day, a new pilot-project was recently started. In order to get your tickets for Plitvice these days, you need to follow several steps: First of all, you need to make an online reservation at least two days before your arrival. While making the online reservation, you need to pick the exact date, time and place of entry into the National park. After that is done, you will be given a voucher which will allow you to purchase your ticket at the entrance you chose, in the hour you chose for your entry into the park. If you're late, you won't be allowed in the later time slot. The number of visitors has been limited to 10000 daily. If some of the tickets are not sold (which can be expected to happen in the pre-season, but really isn't something that's going to happen during the high-season days), you might be able to buy them without the voucher, but as we said, you shouldn't count on that.

The pilot project has left some people disappointed, as they didn't know about it and were not able to get into Plitvice,