Jadera Secrets, a Sightseeing Game Adding Content to Zadar's Tourism Offer

May 6, 2019, Zadar - Even though it is being regarded in the media as a city without real content for tourists, Zadar is slowly changing this image. One girl, with her sightseeing game, is on her way to help the tourists to get the feeling of this old Adriatic city. Read our interview with Lucija Plantak, owner and creator of a game called Jadera Secrets.

Lucija, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello. My name is Lucija Plantak and I run the Jadera Secrets game. As a student in Zagreb, I had an opportunity to join a company called Fox in a Box. They introduced me to the idea of treasure hunt games and escape rooms. With continuous work there, I got an idea. The idea to create something for my hometown – Zadar, which I have to mention - I truly adore. With a little help of my friends and bosses (Renata and Goran) I have created Jadera Secrets.


Inner motives, are there any?

Well, I really love my town. And even though I have walked across Zadar a million times, I am fascinated again. In this era of express and instant thrills, I wanted to make something that makes an impact. Tourists come here and they just wander around the town with selfie sticks and Instagram. A lot of them do not take the time to truly see the rich history surrounding them. Also, as locals, I think we often take it for granted, our heritage. Of course one doesn't need to know every little detail about the town's history, but we should show at least some interest for our past to know how we got to where we are now and broaden our horizons for the future.


So, what would be the essence of Jadera Secrets?

Well, as Zadar old town is a center for group tours, Jadera Secrets is orientated towards smaller groups, like couples, families, friends and similar. It is a more private atmosphere in which you can relax and do things „your way“. The game is meant for groups of 2-5 people. Equipped with a wooden suitcase, players are sent on a mission. They need to unlock six locks on the mystery box, each one at a different famous sight of the Old Town.

The combination of adventure and tour is what people give a special feeling. Also time limit of 75 minutes to complete the mission makes it even more exciting

And the mission is?

Well, in a few words (not to spoil the thrill for potential players) the mission is to find the recipe for a liquor traditionally made in Zadar, Maraschino. And as the player solves the riddles, let's just say he finds out more and more secrets from the history of this area and the liquor itself.


Where does the game start?

We are located in the beautiful, modern building of the Museum of Ancient Glass (special thanks to the Museum for giving us this space). The game starts there, where players take the wooden suitcase and start their adventure.

How did the people react last year, when you started this?

I am really happy to be able to say that everyone had highly positive feedback. Of course sometimes there are people who find the game a bit too hard but then there are others who find it quite easy. That is because we had to start with this, let's say neutral level since it is just one game for now. However, in the future, I plan to develop sightseeing games with different levels of difficulties. In addition, although it is designed for smaller groups of 5 people maximum, we have more than one box which means that bigger groups can divide into two teams and compete, which is always a lot of fun.

It is a much more interactive approach in discovering the city and rather interesting way to learn and experience something. It sticks in your memory, I would say. Even though people are sometimes sceptical before starting this game after they finish they are full of good impressions.

Well, we don't want to spoil the end and the prize. What are the plans for the future?

Right now, Jadera Secrets is ready in English and Croatian. However, I also plan to do it in the future on French and Portuguese. And as I said, I will try to develop different games on different levels. And stories, let them stay a mystery for now on. Also, someday I would like to promote this into a thing for teambuilding and conferences. I think it has potential.

What would be the best memory of your last season with this game?

Well, nothing that really sparks, but rather a whole impression of people. You know, they are walking around here, they see our poster. And in the first moment they have no idea what it is, but they want to find out. An hour and a half later they are coming back here with a big smile on their faces.

It shows that it was a worthy experience. And how did you choose the topic about that exact thing – the liquor that is made in Zadar?

Well, Zadar has a lot of heritage. But, a lot of it is religious or orientated much more towards history. And not all people like that. However, food and drinks, that's what people are looking for when they are visiting the other country. And this is great coincidence to use that Zadar has that – a drink that is twisted with so much history and heritage.

Did you find any obstacles when you started this „adventure“ of setting up a business?

When you are starting something new, no matter what – you will have obstacles. There is a difference between the product idea and the product itself, and that is what I learned here. The first year was tough, but that's how it goes. Now we already have some experience and it will probably get better and better. I am extremely glad to have gotten support from the Maraska Company and Zadar Tourist Board, I am grateful that they recognised the potential that this project has and am looking forward to future cooperation.

I think it is a rather good model of individual action and raising awareness about local heritage. How do you feel about it?

I could say the same. There were a lot of people from Zadar that played this game. And their experience is noteworthy. They found out more things about their hometown. I think it is interesting how we walk around all this city in a rush, then you play this game and you get this „new“ perspective about some locations. We live in a world that is everchanging but to take some moments to reflect and realize monuments and heritage around you is a good thing.

Yeah, one thing is to „see and take a photo“ and a whole different thing is to stop and understand the story of time behind something.

Definitely, there is so much more to things than meets the eye. And in the time of instant access to almost everything, sometimes we just get lost in a sea of information which leaves us confused. We don't know what to do or where to go anymore.

Well, maybe to Jadera Secrets. After all, it is a liquor we are talking about. Thank you Lucija for this interview.

Thank YOU for the wonderful conversation!

You can learn more about Jadera Secrets on Facebook

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