"Festival Cvijeća," an Osijek Flower Festival for Mother's Day

"Festival Cvijeća" is a festival of flowers event which will be happening this coming weekend May 11 to 12 2019. The location will take place in “Parka kralja Stjepana Držislava” (translation “King Stephen Držislava Park”) as well other venues in the old city known as Tvrđa.

It is no coincidence that Mother’s day happens on May the 12th making this the perfect weekend to celebrate the special occasion in Osijek. It all happens this year in one of Osijek’s most historical parks in Slavonia. Visitors and guest are just steps away from the historical fortress known as Tvrđa with the incredible backdrop of the River Drava. There is a certain sense of Nostalgia in Osijek being surrounded with it’s the old city charm and elegance that brings people out year after year.

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With the brilliant colours now that spring is finally here and the flowers are in full bloom Osijek has a history of being the garden city of Croatia. This festival flowers has all the things as a central theme of flowers from art exhibits, dresses made of flowers, and of course the opportunity to go shopping for flowers. Who can argue that this is time to go to Osijek to see "Festival Cvijeća" (Flower Festival) and show appreciation to a very important person in your life?

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The activities are all day long with theatrical dancing performances, concerts and fashion. There, of course, will be local regional cuisine from Osijek-Baranja for everyone to enjoy. Here is a look back at last year’s festival.

This year will program will include: Flower shows, Interactive activities, Tours of the park, Treasure hunts, Photograph exhibition related to flowers, Classical Concerts and many more musical events. Tours of the park and much more.

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Along with the fair it will also be held around Osijek Old city part known as Tvrđa. You can visit various other content such as concerts, exhibitions and theater-dance performances on flowers and plants.

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With the sights and sounds of festival with the backdrop of picturesque Tvrđa the perfect weekend to spend in Osijek. Plus with its old world charm of baroque architecture it the time to build more wonderful moments with family and friends. This is an annual event which is normally held on the 2nd weekend of May.

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