Zagreb 80's, Museum Dedicated to the Eighties, Recently Opens

By 16 April 2019

In Zagreb, the Zagreb 80's Museum was recently open, with the idea to show the spirit of the time that was, over 30 years ago.

It's one apartment, a place where an imaginary ordinary Zagreb family would've lived in the eighties, and it's a kitchen, a living room, a study, a bedroom and a kid's playroom. The museum is the idea of two young Zagreb entrepreneurs, Anastazija Knežević and Ksenija Babić. The idea came to them during their travels, especially to Berlin where they saw the East Germany museum, but they wanted their museum to be different. So, Zagreb 80's museum is interactive, you can touch and feel any of the exhibits, to get more of a sense what life in the eighties felt like. You can listen to the cassettes and the vinyl records, you can drive the little Zastava 750 car (commonly called "Fićo"), you can play games on the Commodore computer, use the typewriter, see the footage from the Universiade games held in Zagreb in 1987.

There are, of course, old dishes in the kitchen, and a legendary Walkman with headphones. In the living room you can find the vinyl records, magazines, comic books and even a porn magazine popular back in the day, the Erotika.

There are around 500 exhibits in the museum, and all of them are authentic, in very good condition and functional. They collected those for over a year, from private collectors to the flea market, and they are still accepting donations from anyone who has something that might belong in the museum. People gladly donate stuff to the museum, as those are things that are left by their parents, they don't want to throw them away but they have no real value today - so a museum is a perfect place for them! Anyone who donates gets free entrance to the museum.

You can also organize your event at the museum, parties, promotions, shootings. In July the Zagreb 80's Museum goes to Shanghai to be presented there, so the entire current set-up of the museum will undergo massive change during June.

Museum is located in Zagreb centre, in Radićeva street, and entrance is 40 kuna for adults.