World's Biggest Welcome in Croatia: Day 4 - Pazin to Labin (Kayak, Bike)

By 31 March 2019

March 31, 2019 - Putting Croatian adventure tourism on the map, with the biggest welcome in the world. Day 4 of this incredible 2011 adrenaline trip covering 2,500 km along the Croatian coast. 

The World's Biggest Welcome, an ambitious adventure tourism project in 2011 in Croatia enters Day 4 of this 2019 appreciation of one of the finest tourism promotion projects ever in Croatia.  

The plan? To showcase the diversity and fabulous offer of adventure tourism in Croatia by following a GPS route the length of the Croatian coast in the shape of the word 'Welcome' - thereby creating the biggest welcome in the world from a hospitable tourism country. 

welcome-pazin-labin (4).jpg

Day 4 was a 3-stage kayak and bike ride from Pazin to Labin, and there was even four-legged support on the initial cycle from Pazin.


65 kilometres for the day: 20 km by bike from Pazin to Rasa, followed by a 20 km kayak paddle from Rasa to Koromacno, before heading north once more on the final part of the first letter (W of Welcome), 25 km to the overnight resting point of Labin.

welcome-pazin-labin (5).jpg

Lacko managed to outpace some of the locals ascending the glorious hills of Istria. 

welcome-pazin-labin (9).jpg

It was also an opportunity to observe and appreciate the traditional way of life of the locals in Istria. Here, the locals are fishing for whitebait in Trget. 

welcome-pazin-labin (7).jpg

The early stages of the World's Biggest Welcome were dominated by sea kayaking, and Lacko was back in the water for the second leg of the day. negotiating the River Rasa channel with companions.  

welcome-pazin-labin (8).jpg

There was plenty to see along the way, including the mussel farms of Rasa.

welcome-pazin-labin (6).jpg

Onwards under a bridge on River Rasa. 


Istria is fast becoming one of the most exciting cycling destinations in the region, with its rolling green hills, exceptional vineyards and historic stone hilltop towns. The last leg of the day was a cycle along the eastern part of the peninsula.  

welcome-pazin-labin (2).jpg

Destination Labin, yet one more touristic jewel on the region they call 'the Croatian Tuscany'.  

welcome-pazin-labin (1).jpg

And no day would be complete without photographer Luka Tambaca capturing another glorious sunset, this time through Croatia's famous dry stone walls.  


A key part of the project was promoting tourism, and the official website has details of the key places visited during the day. Pazin.

You can see the entire project on the Welcome website, as well as much more of Luka Tambaca's stunning photography on the Welcome Facebook page

Tune in tomorrow for Day 5, as Lacko moves from Labin to Opatija by bike and on foot. 

To follow the whole project from the start, follow the dedicated TCN page