Visit New, Beautiful Lifestyle Hotel Vitar in Bol on Brač Island

By 16 March 2019

The recently opened Lifestyle Hotel Vitar, located in Bol on the island of Brač is constantly being noticed and given awards and compliments for its interior design. So, these days, Studio UP which worked on the Vitar's design is among the finalists for the yearly award by the Association of the Croatian Architects for this project. 

The four-star lifestyle hotel Vitar is located right at the entrance to Bol, a place well-known for its amazing Zlatni Rat beach, and a popular destination for beach-goers, surfers and divers. It has 25 rooms on 4 floors, and several small gyms on different spots within the hotel.

Lea Pelivan and Tom Plejić, head architects that worked on the project explained to Jutarnji list that the name "Vitar" is logical for a famous surfer destination (vitar is a local word for wind). The atmosphere in the hotel is also surfer-inspired, and during their stay, the guests are aware of the dynamics in the space created by moving elements of the design. They weren't working on the project since the start, but when they took over, they needed to change the entire interior design to make the hotel become a cool and laid-back place.

There's a top chef working at the hotel, Mario Čepek, so that aspect of the hotel experience is also highest quality. The view from the hotel's roof to Hvar and Zlatni Rat is breath-taking, and each of the rooms has a view: either of Hvar, southern side of Brač and the channel between the islands or of the Vidova gora mountain on Brač. That's one of the reasons the designers insisted on the beds facing the windows, and not the TV sets in the rooms. The perimeter of the hotel has been turned into an intense mediterranean garden, full of colours, smells and contrasting surfaces.