One Man and His Dog: Outdoors Croatia Discovers Plitvice Lakes

By 16 March 2019

March 16, 2019 - Continuing our look at the beautiful nature of Croatia through the active eyes of the one man and dog team from Outdoors Croatia, this week a trip to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plitvice Lakes.

It is one of Croatia's best-known tourist attractions, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, and a slice of natural beauty which attracts more than a million visitors a year. 

But how to escape the crowds?

Our favourite active man and dog team from Outdoors Croatia have found a way. Get there early when it opens and rent a rowing boat. More lovely footage from these great promoters of Croatia's Great Outdoors. 

It is not the first time Outdoors Croatia has featured Plitvice Lakes. Their most popular video ever - and possibly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in Croatia - was a morning run on virgin snow. If you missed it first time around, here it is below.

Follow the Outdoors Croatia YouTube channel to experience Croatia as you have never seen it. 

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