Robinson-Style Accommodation and Vacation at Sveti Ivan Zelina

By 6 March 2019

The beauty of nature in absolute peace – that is the Robinson-style accommodation and tourism. The Prigorje region around Sveti Ivan Zelina abounds in untouched nature, which is why there is an excellent potential for developing this latest trend in the tourist offer, reports on March 6, 2019.

The Hiža Dragec in Donje Orešje is the first registered facility for providing Robinson-Crusoe-style accommodation in the Sveti Ivan Zelina area. The town’s tourist offer is based on its heritage and tradition, with an emphasis on cultural landmarks, the rich gastronomic offer of local specialties and a varied wine selection, as well as the potential provided by rural, sports, hunting and fishing tourism.

The revitalization of Zelingrad, an important site of architectural heritage, is underway. It is a vital part of the plans to turn the Zelina Hills into a tourist excursion destination which already offers hikers numerous hiking, cycling and horseback riding trails.

There are also more and more private owners who are slowly turning their second homes and farmhouses into holiday homes and other forms of accommodation surrounded by beautiful landscapes. In 2015, the Tourist Board of Sveti Ivan Zelina had just two registered bed and breakfasts (with 39 beds in 18 separate accommodation units), and currently, it has 15 bed and breakfasts with 89 beds in 36 accommodation units.

In order to continue the trend of an increase in the number of private rentals, the Town of Sveti Ivan Zelina has made a decision to set the rental tax at the lowest allowed level, which is 150 kuna per bed. Exciting events such as the International knights' tournament, the Wine exhibition of continental Croatia which has a 50-year tradition, the Moto meetings and the Short film festival are continually bringing in a large number of participants and visitors.

The town of Sveti Ivan Zelina is located in the northeastern part of the Zagreb County and borders on the west with the City of Zagreb and the Krapina-Zagorje County, in the north with the Municipality of Bedenica and Varaždin County, in the east with the municipalities of Preseka, Rakovec and Brckovljani and the town of Vrbovec.

Today, the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina has 62 settlements and has 15,990 inhabitants (according to the 2011 census), of which 2,749 or 17% live in the main settlement itself, while others live in the surrounding areas.

The town was first mentioned in 1185.

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Translated from (reported by Hana Ivković).