Croatian Destinations and Products to be Promoted on FlixBus Routes

By 1 March 2019

FlixBus has decided to support Croatian manufacturers by using its extensive network of routes to represent them. 

After cooperating with Combis and promoting Croatian tourist destinations, FlixBus, the largest bus operator in Europe with over 120 million passengers and a network of bus routes from 2000 destinations through 28 European countries, have taken things a step further. The favorite bus company is now promoting Croatian destinations AND their products, reports HRTurizam on March 1, 2019. 

Thus, FlixBus buses with the motifs of Croatian cities can be seen on the roads thanks to cooperation with Combis, while this weekend, passengers will also be able to taste chocolates from a local producer known as the Reizl family from Sesvete - Vrsna chocolates.



"Considering that we are a global brand that is interested in the influence of the region in which we operate, we are taking advantage of the wide European network of lines that boast numerous travelers and tourists for the local promotion of our destinations, as well as the promotion of Croatian domestic products. Thus, the Reizl family will offer the finest chocolates of Croatian production to travelers to taste, and thus to foreign tourists who find themselves on buses in the direction of Zadar and Split,” said Petra Milanovć, FlixBus Public Relations Manager.

With this new cooperation, FlixBus passengers will be able to taste some of the best local chocolates on March 2nd and 3rd. 

"We are glad that with FlixBus, besides many beautiful destinations, anyone who tries our products will be guided and introduced into the world of carefully selected Croatian chocolates and the flavors that they carry with them. In addition to trying some of our chocolates, passengers will be able to order chocolates via online sales immediately,” said Fran Reizl, head of Vrsna chocolates.

These famous hand-made chocolates fused with local ingredients such as lavender, honey or flower salt will greet FlixBus passengers on the road this weekend. Ruby chocolate, the latest buzz in the chocolate world that first appeared in Croatia thanks to Vrsna chocolates, with milk and dark chocolate, will be in the selection of chocolate delicacies.

This initiative not only showcases excellent cooperation but is a win-win situation. On one hand, Croatian products, the small local economy, and the tourist offer are being encouraged and promoted, while FlixBus passengers have added value.

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