Croatia Airlines Anticipates 5% Growth for Record 2019

By 15 February 2019

Great news from the Croatian national carrier Croatia Airlines as they are targeting 5% growth in 2019, which would make it their busiest year yet. Namely, the airline should handle some  2,280,000 passengers this year, thanks to the lease of two Bombardier CRJ1000 aircraft which will be used for seasonal routes, reports Ex Yu Aviation on February 15, 2019. 

Seasonal flights between Zagreb and Dublin will also be upgraded to year-round operations this year, while the airline may also extend flights on other seasonal destinations.

The Croatian airline also signed a five-year agreement with trade unions representing its pilots, mechanics and cabin crew, which is said to be in line with the airline’s financial capabilities. 

"Additional wriggle room in reaching a deal was made possible by the recent amendments made to the law on income tax rules. The contract is of great importance for the next development phase of Croatia Airlines which is aiming to find a strategic partner in line with the government's National Reform Programme. By successfully reaching a deal with trade unions, it is assumed that future services will be free of disruptions. Therefore, it is expected that this agreement will positively impact on the national carrier's competitiveness and lead to a better position on the market in the future, with a constant focus on the needs and satisfaction of passengers,” Croatia Airlines said. 

"Croatia Airlines will continue to focus on managing all business risks, and on ensuring the best possible conditions for regular business operations. Jet fuel prices are expected to continue being the most significant risk, and the company will, in that regard, try to reduce its negative effects on the airline's overall business operations. The further improvement of the quality of service and network business model is also the company’s goals, as well as further investment in the fleet in order to maintain the highest level of flight safety,” the airline concluded for Ex Yu Aviation

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