Split Airport New Terminal: January 2019 Progress Report

By 30 January 2019

Due to record numbers that continue to emphasize the importance of Split Airport's development, works on the construction and reconstruction of Split Airport officially began two years ago. 

The Split Airport project is currently one of the most critical construction projects in the county. Upon completion of the works, the passenger terminal will boast 35,000 square meters, thus increasing the total capacity of the terminal to 3,000 passengers during the peak hours. 3.5 million passengers will be able to pass through Split Airport annually.

Drivers rumored the news that the 900-car parking lot was already built, along with a station for a dozen buses, and a bridge over the Kaštela road which is 120-meters long, connecting the car park and the new terminal.

Dalmacija Danas interviewed Split Airport’s assistant director, Pero Bilas, on January 30, 2019, to find out more. 

“The long-term development of the airport depends on the dynamics of further growth in passenger traffic, and it implies the need to purchase land outside the border of the airport. This moment would not be opportune to go to the public with the details of that plan,” said Bilas, who then gave an overview of the further development plan for the airport.

When will the runway be renovated?

“The renovation of the runway is the next project after the reconstruction and extension of the passenger terminal is completed. 

Does the renovation and reconstruction include lighting?

“Yes, the reconstruction of the take-off runway includes lighting on the runway.”

When does the construction of parallel runways begin?

“After the reconstruction of the take-off and landing runway.”

Are there plans to expand the apron?

“Yes, after the reconstruction of the take-off and landing runway, and as part of the construction phase for the parallel track.

What stage would you say you are at for purchasing the required land for the construction of the above items? 

“Purchasing more land is a continuous activity of the Split Airport in the past twenty years. The lack of parcels and the unresolved property and legal relations make this process difficult.”

Is there a theoretical possibility of upgrading the air-bridges to the new terminal, provided that in the future the apron is expanded sufficiently and with its capacity can enable push-back operations?

“The theoretical possibility of upgrading the air-bridges exists. Its realization will depend on the nature of traffic and the needs of air carriers and the possibilities of expanding operational areas.”

How much will these procedures increase the capacity of the airport and what is the value of the investment? 

After the reconstruction and extension project of the passenger terminal is completed, the capacity of the airport will increase to 3,000 passengers in the peak hours. The total value of the investment is 450 million kuna. 

Within the Split agglomeration, there is a lot of talk about a railway connection between the Split airport and the ferry port. How much would that mean to the airport and its passengers? 

“Establishing another mode of transport at the airport is certainly a useful initiative that would significantly contribute to the quality and diversity of land transport, at the same time, it would relieve the roads to the City of Split.”

Recall, some of the new terminal's perks include 30 check-in desks, five new baggage carousels and a modern baggage handling system, an observation deck, a car park, observation deck and business class lounge for the elite travelers. 

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