Flights to Croatia: S7 Boosts Operations, El Al Launches Dubrovnik Service

By 7 January 2019

January 7, 2019 - The latest news from around Croatia’s airports for new flights to Croatia, with updates to Pula and Dubrovnik. 

Flights to Croatia: Ryanair from Dublin to Split and Dubrovnik

Ryanair has announced that they are launching their first flights to Dubrovnik and Split from Dublin, four times a week from June, as part of its largest Croatian summer schedule so far. The 2019 summer schedule also includes flights from Zadar to Cologne, Hamburg and Nuremberg, reports HRTurizam

"Ryanair is pleased to announce our first flights from Dubrovnik and Split to Dublin, which will run four times per week from June, as part of the expanded summer schedule in 2019, which also includes new flights from Zadar to Cologne, Hamburg, and Nuremberg,” said Ivana Hanjš, executive director of sales and marketing for Europe.

Flights to Croatia: S7 to Dubrovnik and Pula

Russian airline S7 has also announced they’ll be boosting operations to both of their destinations in Croatia for the 2019 summer, reports AvioRadar.

Namely, on the line between Dubrovnik and Moscow (Domodedovo airport), S7 will operate using the larger Boeing 737-800 aircraft instead of the Airbus A319 aircraft. Flights will continue to work twice a week, on Monday and Friday, over the same period as last year. 

On the line between Pula and Moscow (Domodedovo), S7 has announced an additional line on Saturdays. Thus, instead of last year’s five flights per week, S7 will now operate between the two cities six times a week. There will be no flights on Tuesdays and Sundays. 

The Pula-Saint Petersburg line remains unchanged and will run as it did last year - once a week on Sundays. 

Flights to Croatia: El Al from Tel Aviv to Dubrovnik

Ex Yu Aviation announced that Israel's national carrier El Al has also announced a new seasonal flight between Tel Aviv and Dubrovnik. The Israeli airline will fly once a week between the two cities, on Tuesdays, beginning June 4, 2019. Operations will end on September 24, 2019. El Al will operate using the 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

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