Over 200,000 Croats Beginning Ski Holidays this Weekend

By 5 January 2019

The ski season is expected to be busier than ever for Croatians. Bookings already started back in August, when most Croatians sought Andalo, Italy for a 6-day lift ticket that cost them only 140 euro. Some 200,000 Croats are expected to head to the slopes for their ski holidays this weekend. 

After last year's growth of ten percent, for the second consecutive year, the traditional start of the ski week is off to an excellent start. While most Croatians are swarming the slopes of Italy and Austria, some are even heading to Slovenia or France. In total, however, around 200,000 Croats are leaving the country for snowier pastures this weekend. Although the figure is impressive, it still does not exceed more 5 percent of Croatia's population. It is estimated, however, that some 300,000 Croatians know how to ski in total, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on January 5, 2019. 

Contributing to the growing number of ski passes this year is the fact that Croatia’s ski week fell after the Three King's holiday when Italy and Austria featured the lowest prices.

Namely, there is no better developed ski resort where the price of a six-day ticket for an adult is lower than 200 euro, or 1,500 kuna. Renting ski equipment begins at around 400 kuna - and when you add that it is about 150 kuna per person for daily apartment rentals, the lowest cost for a seven-day ski trip is around is around 2,500 to 3,000 kuna. 

Because of this, most of the border crossings exiting Croatia are a bit crowded this morning. For example, there is a wait of 45 minutes at Pasjak, with a three-kilometer-long line of traffic. As reported by the Croatian Auto Club, the wait exiting Croatia at the Bregana border is about an hour and a half and it is around 20 minutes at Macelj.

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