Madvent in Zagreb: They Said No to Nikola Tesla, But...

By 16 December 2018

December 16, 2018 - Madvent in Zagreb. Taking a closer look at Europe's most popular Christmas market. This week, Borna and Domagoj take a look at the Christmas lights.

Advent in Zagreb is in full swing, and so too is the satire of the stories they don't tell the tourists. 

Last week, Newsbar legends Borna Sor and Domagoj Zovak teamed up with to bring an Advent Sunday series with a difference. Madvent in Zagreb takes a look at some of the issues surrounding the event which are not often discussed. Here is the first episode last week, which was focused on the alleged wide margin between the price the popular stalls are being charged by the city, and the amount that vendors are forced to pay to get one.

This week's episode concerns the plentiful Christmas lights, and do look out for the cameo role of Ballon d'Or winner Luka Modric right at the end. 

In many ways, the story of the Christmas lights at Advent in Zagreb tells the tale of the modern Croatia. 

Many years ago, one young Nikola Tesla offered to build an electricity grid for Zagreb, according to the video below, but his suggestions was waved away.

Just one genius from Lika, who ended up moving to the United States and global stardom. 

But if the chance to light up the city is offered by a company whose contracts are allegedly declared illegal, what better way to proceed than to renew the contract, year after year. 

Who cares about the cost? 

It is Christmas after all. 

There are two more videos in the series, which will appear on the next two Sundays - a perfect Advent gift. 

Borna Sor, of course, is a TCN contributor and runs our podcast, which will be bursting into life in the new year once more. You can follow his TCN writing here