Additional Flights Between Dubrovnik and US in 2020?

By 23 October 2018

Are even more flights between Dubrovnik and the US be on the horizon?

After American Airlines announced a brand new summer service between Philadelphia and the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ beginning next year, it seems that travelers can anticipate even more connections between the two destinations from 2020, reports Ex Yu Aviation on October 23, 2018. 

Dubrovnik and the US will finally be connected after 28 years 

"After 28 years we will finally have direct flights from the US again, with American Airlines announcing services from Philadelphia. This pilot project from American Airlines will grow over the coming years to include more American cities as well as new airlines. Through our representative office in New York, we have made contact with the airline and the travel company that represents them. We have already arranged joint marketing opportunities and cooperation. We are only too happy to help fill these flights and make sure that this new link is successful,” said Dubrovnik Tourist Board director, Romana Vlašić. 

The new service will benefit tourists and the Croatian diaspora 

The new service with American Airlines is bound to be a big hit. The route, which will operate to and from Dubrovnik and Philadelphia from June 7, 2019, to September 25, 2019, will use a 209-seat Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. Dubrovnik Airport General Manager Frano Luetić believes this route will not only be popular for American tourists traveling to Croatia, but also for the Croatian diaspora. 

"American Airlines chose Dubrovnik for several reasons. They have recognized us as a quality destination and our airport worked very hard during the negotiating process in order to secure these flights. Initially, this will be a seasonal service which will be maintained three times per week," Luetić said, with the expectation that American Airlines will boost the frequencies on this route in the future. 

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board is working with a luxury tour operator in the US

"We have been working intensively on the US market for years and it seems that this work is starting to bear fruit. There have been a whole series of promotional events that we have carried out in the US, from the New York Times Travel Show to specialized travel fairs in Las Vegas. Secondly, we are working with a luxury tour operator in the US who has proved to be very professional and has brought us many guests to Dubrovnik over the past few years,” concluded Romana Vlašić. 

Dubrovnik Airport announced the new American Airlines route in August 

Recall, Dubrovnik Airport announced their new partnership with American Airlines in a Facebook post on August 21, 2018. It reads:

“On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that the Republic of Croatia will be directly connected to the United States after 28 years, thanks to the longstanding negotiations between Dubrovnik Airport and American Airlines.

Dubrovnik and the US will be connected from June 7, 2019, to September 27, 2019, three times a week with the American city of Philadelphia, and will travel using the world's largest airline ‘American Airlines’.

Airline company American Airlines is a member of the world airline association "Oneworld" and currently owns 955 aircraft and employs 122,000 people. They have 6,700 flights a day to 350 destinations. The flight to Dubrovnik will use a Boeing 767-300 aircraft with a capacity of 28 high-class seats in business class and 181 seats in economy class, and Wi-Fi services will be available throughout the entire flight.

Philadelphia, located in the state of Pennsylvania, is the largest hub of American Airlines on the east coast and the most important airport for the entire United States. On behalf of American Airlines, the Vice President of Planning for AA, Mr. Vasu Raja, said: 

‘Philadelphia is the largest hub of American Airlines in the northeast of the United States and offers connections to the rest of the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. The most significant destinations are Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, New Orleans and the Bahamas.’

Given the growing number of tourist arrivals from the United States to the Dubrovnik area, we consider this a great deal for Dubrovnik and all of Croatia.”