47% Growth: Uber Used by 170,000 Tourists on Croatia's Adriatic Coast This Summer

By 13 September 2018

September 13, 2018 - It has been another successful summer on the Adriatic coast for Uber, whose services continue to expand. A little more detail on who is using the Uber and UberBOAT application in an official press release. 

- As many as 94% of foreign tourists who used Uber services in Croatia are already Uber users in their respective countries, which indicates that they expect Uber to be an integral part of our tourist offer

- For the most part, tourists in Dubrovnik relaxed on the Copacabana and Banje beaches, while those in Split went to the must-see Bačvice and Žnjan. The locals, on the other hand, also visited Bellevue Beach and Kašjuni

- Dubrovnik’s Old City was the most favorite destination, and the ride from Pula to Osijek the longest one

Another successful summer for tourism is behind us. Still, based on the experts’ predictions and the occupancy rates on the Croatian coast, we can expect an excellent off-peak season as well. Uber has also posted rather impressive results: this summer, it has been available not only to its users in Dalmatia, but also to the Istrians and their guests.

In the period between June 1 and September 1, as many as 170,000 tourists used Uber on the coast, which is an increase of as much as 47% as compared to the same period last year. Nearly all of them (94%) arrived in Croatia with an already installed Uber app on their smartphones.

“The fact that as much as 94% of tourists already had the Uber app when they came to Croatia is a clear indicator that foreign visitors expect Uber to be available in our country and that they love using it. These results coming from the tourist season once again confirm the importance of the new Road Transport Act that enabled everyone to travel easily and safely around the country,” said Davor Tremac, General Manager for Uber, Southeast Europe.

The majority of the tourists riding Uber came from the UK and the US (14%), as well as Australia and France (5%). Most of the taken routes were under five kilometers (84%), while the longest ride began in Pula and ended in Osijek – the ride covered as many as 550 kilometers and took 359 minutes. In Dubrovnik, Uber was mostly used for rides to and from the Old City and the Bus Terminal, and in Split, to and from the city center and the Mall of Split shopping center. Furthermore, tourists in Dubrovnik for the most part relaxed on the Copacabana and Banje beaches, while the Croats liked Bellevue Beach as well. In Split, the must-see beaches included Bačvice and Žnjan for tourists, while the locals also relaxed at Kašjuni. Dubrovnik’s Old City was also voted the most romantic and top tourist destination.

UberBOAT sailed couple of hundreds of times, and in 40 percent cases, it took passengers on excursions to the islands near Split, Dubrovnik and Šibenik.

Five pieces of advice on how to use all the advantages of Uber:

1. Do not wander the streets in search of transport. The map on your Uber app allows you to choose the precise location you want the driver to pick you up at, and the app will let you know how long exactly it will take the driver to get there.

2. Choose between several car categories or a car with a baby seat for a safe ride with your little ones.

3. Communicate with your driver by texting through the app.

4. Share your location with your friends or family members if you are travelling alone or at night.

5. If you are traveling with friends, share your fare to lower the cost.