1 Uninhabited Island, 4 Michelin Star Chefs, 5 Top Croatian Chefs, 10 Great Courses (PHOTOS)

By 7 September 2018

September 7, 2018 - What does dinner look like when you have four Michelin star and five of Croatia's top chefs preparing a 10-course dinner? A course by course photo special from the 25th anniversary of Restaurant Festa on the Kornati island of Zut. 

As we reported yesterday, one of the most remarkable restaurant anniversaries in Croatia was celebrated this week, as Restaurant Festa on the island of Zut celebrated 25 years of hospitality. While many Croatians have made that milestone, not so many began life on an uninhabited island with no water, electricity or ferry, at a time with the country was at war. You can read more about the remarkable Festa achievements here

To celebrate, the Festa team brought four Michelin star chefs and five of Croatia's top chefs to help their own outstanding chef prepare a culinary feast for their guests. The theme of the main 10-course dinner was bluefish and deep sea fish in high-end gastronomy. 

This is what happens when you bring ten outstanding chefs together on a gorgeous island on the Adriatic and task them with preparing one dish each in a 10-course special, with a choice of three wines per dish. Fabulous. 

A dish by dish presentation. 


Red mullet with zucchini cream, goat cheese and onions.

Wines - Nino Franvo prosecco, Whispering rose, Sladic marastina.

Chef - Giuseppe Costa


Shark confit with onions, cream and samphire.

Wines - Primo Degarra, Zilavka Krs, Grasevina Mitrovac

Chef - David Skoko


Mussels with potatoes and seaweed.

Wines - Nino Franco rose, Sladic rose, Pascal Sanerre

Chef Felice Sgarra 


Stingray boiled Kornati-style, fava beans.

Wines - Debit, Pascal Jolivet Pouilly Fume, Degara rose

Chef - Zoran Jajac 


Macaroni sformantino with onions, aubergine, pistachio and tomatoes. 

Wines - Lasina, Ines u bijelom, Suncic pinot noir

Chef - Vinod Sookar


Monkfish tripe with Island Pag cheese, caramelized ice cream. 

Wines - Krauthaker Manconi, Suncic Chardonnay Opoka, Roxanich Milva

Chef - Hrvoje Zirojevic


Hake with Zut almonds and mullet caviar

Wines - Ruinar rose, Sladic plavina, Degara posip

Chef - Cristian Torsiello 


Conger- skin in smoked jus, pancetta and herb scented crumbles, roast pumpkin and grape reduction. 

Wines - Postup Marc Mrgudic, Simcic Pinot grigio, Ruinart R

Chef - Dino Galvagno 


Burned amberjack in butter with white beans puree, roasted leek, cepes mushrooms.

Wines - Benmosche Zinfandel, Blatina Skegro, Roxanich Super istrian 

Chef Tom Gretic 


Apricot creme brulee, olive oil honey crumble, lavender goat cheese ice cream, pomme granade mousse, thyme meringue, apricot sorbet, fig ice cream, fresh figs, fresh apricot.

Wines - Moscato Mrgudic, Krauthaker berba prosusenih bobica, Degarra

Chef - Josip Vrsaljko