Police Close Down Hostel in Split Where British Woman Was Attacked

By 20 August 2018

The incident occurred in July.

The Split police and customs administration officials closed down the hostel where a British woman who was beaten in Split last month was staying, reports on August 20, 2018.

The British student said that she was beaten with a metal rod in Split because she did not want to pay extra for the hostel accommodation. The 26-year-old Laura Denmar told the Daily Mail that she and her boyfriend were brutally attacked while on vacation in Croatia last month. She ended up in the hospital.

The Split Police Department confirmed that the British woman was attacked and that the facility in which she was staying has been closed. “On July 31, 2018, at 11:37 hours, we received a report that a guest was attacked in a hostel in Split. Police officers were sent to the scene and the criminal investigation found that an 18-year-old woman physically attacked a 26-year-old guest from Great Britain, because she had expressed her dissatisfaction with the level of accommodation services. The 26-year-old was given medical assistance and it was determined she had suffered minor injuries. After the criminal investigation was concluded, a misdemeanour referral was made against the 18-year-old woman for breaking the Law on Misdemeanours against Public Order and Peace. In cooperation with the officials from the Customs Administration, we have conducted an investigation into the operation of the facility, and irregularities were found. This led the competent customs office to issue a ban of further operations,” announced the police today.

The dramaturgy student, who attends London's Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, travelled to vacation in Croatia last month. Laura and her boyfriend Jeremy Lafond booked a hostel in the Split city centre which charges 60 pounds a night. However, Laura said, when they came to the city centre, they were sent to the suburbs. “When we arrived, we realized something was wrong. There were 30 beds and one toilet, and no one was working there. Still, we had already paid so we decided to stay,” Laura said.

“On the last day of our stay, the cleaner came earlier and told us that we had to leave immediately or pay extra. I told her that was not reasonable and I refused to give more money. She threatened she would call the police. I knew it was illegal so I told her to call the police if she wants. Instead, she called a man I think is the owner. We decided to leave as soon as possible, but she locked the door, so we could not go anywhere until the man came. When he came, he and another guy pushed Jeremy to the wall, and the woman started beating me with a metal rod. It was terrible,” Laura said.

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