Mystery Solved: Meet Hotel Antica, New 4-Star Hotel for Stari Grad, Hvar

By 28 July 2018

July 28, 2018 - As Stari Grad awaits the Four Seasons resort at Brizenica Bay, a new 4-star hotel has opened in close to the former Hvar capital, a building that has been the subject of some speculation over the years. 

Driving back from Hvar Town to Jelsa yesterday, we once again passed the ferry, and the conversation turned - as it often does - to the strange construction projects as the main entrance to Croatia's premier island. 

When I first came to Hvar back in 2002, the ferry terminal consisted of a couple of kiosks and a little bar - there was nothing posh about it, but I kind of liked it, not being that posh myself. 

And then came progress. A small shopping centre with supermarket was built over the road, housing the biggest supermarket on the island. Some time later, a massive hole was dug in half of the adjoining car park, with rumours of Lidl also coming to the location. After a couple of years, the hole was filled in, and we went back to how we were. There was never any explanation. 

Close to the supermarket, somebody started to build a petrol station, which was only ever half-finished, as it was apparently denied permits as it was built too close to the road (or was encroaching on the established fuel market, perhaps - who knows?).

My favourite little ferry bar gave way to an enormous grey complex with shops and even a vast nightclub called Four, which opened for one season, and has remained closed and for sale/rent ever since. The grey complex has never quite taken off as a place to shop and units are always seemingly empty and available to rent. 

And then there is the low-level yellow building a little past the ferry on the way to Jelsa. Located on the water, it always looked well-constructed, but nobody ever knew anything about it. I forget how many years it has stood there, but it is at least several. 

And we commented again yesterday in the car about how strange it was that someone would build it, leave it empty and nobody knew anything about it. 

And then, this morning, our friends from Faros News provided the answer - a new 4-star hotel has just opened in that mysterious yellow building. Take a video tour below, or check out the Hotel Antica on the official website.