“Rab Fjera” Revives Medieval Past of Island of Rab

By 13 July 2018

Knights will again walk the streets waiting for tournaments, craftsmen and artists will open the doors of their studios, and music will be heard all around.

Imagine if you could return to the medieval past for a few days and experience how people lived in times long gone. For this, you do not need a time machine; it is enough to go to the island of Rab in late July, when “Rab Fjera”, a traditional celebration in honour of King Louis the Great who liberated Rab from the Venetian rule, will be held for the 17th time. During the three-day event, the entire island is transported back to the Middle Ages, reports Večernji List on July 13, 2018.

The knights will walk the streets waiting for tournaments, craftsmen and artists will open the doors of their studios, crossbow masters will demonstrate their skills in a competition, and music will be heard all around. In this magical, almost unreal time of the year, the streets are filled with songs and music, while the scent of freshly fried “Rab sulčić” is in the air, just one of many local specialties which are prepared according to ancient recipes preserved from the historical Fjera, first organized in 1364.

130718 Rab1

Fjera used to last for 14 days, but in modern times it lasts for three days, from 25 to 27 July. Once again this summer, everyone is invited to enjoy a variety of Fjera programmes, during which small craft workshops will present their products on the town streets. On the beach, a fishing village will be built entirely using traditional tools. Fjera brings together craftsmen and artists from the island of Rab, including crossbow masters, shoemakers, artisans, goldsmiths, town guardsmen, ladies and noblemen, basket-makers, bakers, blacksmiths, and fishermen.

The Rab Fjera is the only event which the locals are looking forward to with the same enthusiasm as the tourists. That is why the number of those wishing to attend the first and largest medieval summer festival in Croatia is constantly growing. During its three days, Fjera is usually visited by about 30,000 guests, both Croatian and foreign tourists, while the cultural programme includes 700 costumed participants, both from Rab and other towns.

130718 Rab2

In addition to the praise from locals and tourists who have been faithful to the festival for many years, the well-known event has also received recognition from tourism authorities. The Rab Fjera has received an award by the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in the category of the Tourism Event of the Year. The award was received by the festival’s organisers – the Town of Rab, The Rab Open University, and the Rab Tourist Board. Rab Fjera was also named a Top Event by the Croatian National Tourist Board, which is its main sponsor.

Next year, Rab will celebrate 130 years of tourism; with the Rab Fjera, natural beauties, and welcoming locals, this island is on its way to becoming one of the most desirable destinations for both Croatian and international guests.

Translated from Večernji List.