New for 2018: Hvar Wine Tasting in Waterfront Vineyard

By 25 June 2018

June 25, 2018 - Wine tastings in the actual vineyard are actually not too common, but when you have a vineyard in a location such as this on the southern slopes of Hvar dropping into the Adriatic, why would you do tastings anywhere else? The latest addition to the Hvar wine story. 

Now THAT is a vineyard with a view!

I have to hand it to the team at Hvar Wine Tours - just when I thought there were no more wine experiences to be found on the island, up they come with another stunner. Earlier this year, we announced their new tour by speedboat into a wine cellar in a cave, and here is another mouthwatering addition, a wine tasting actually in a vineyard (not as common as you might think), by a relatively unknown young Hvar winemaker who is starting to attract attention for his small collection of excellent wines. And with a location like that, it would be almost hard to go wrong. Add a little bit of winemaking genius, and an outstanding wine tasting experience awaits.


Plavac and the Adriatic

When God created Paradise, he was thinking of the southern side of the island of Hvar. Lush green vineyards sloping down into an azure Adriatic. Highly concentrated Plavac Mali reds, related to Zinfandel itself, the perfect accompaniment to a day relaxing in the clear waters of the Adriatic.


Why not combine the best of both in this outstanding tour of hidden beaches and a hidden winemaker, so hidden that few locals know of his existence or the quality wines he produces.


Tour description:

Toni Bojanic is one of the new breed of Hvar winemakers. Just 26 years old, he comes from a family winemaking tradition which dates back more than 500 years, and he has been a winemaker already for three years, having started in 2015. And with considerable success!


Bottling just 5,000 bottles a year, Toni is a very humble young man, whose four reds and one white are slowly starting to attract attention. He is passionate about his craft and dedicated to spreading the word about the Hvar wine story.

What makes the Toni Bojancic wine experience unique on the island of Hvar is its location. While other winemakers conduct their tastings in their cellars and tasting rooms, Bojanic brings you out into the vineyard to breathe the air and experience the terroir of the grapes which are the essence of his quality wine.


Here you can taste his excellent wines, in the middle of Paradise, and there is a small store if you want to take your memories home. In an age where so many of the island’s young people are focused on the relatively easy money in tourism, here is a dedicated professional committed to preserving and developing the legacy of his forefathers.


And with the perfect location on the water, sooner or later, one has to yield to temptation and jump into to the soothing crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, a natural progression after tasting the quality grape juice of southern Hvar. There is a beach by the vineyard, as well as several others in the vicinity, the best of which can be reached only by boat. Let us know your wishes…


If you would like to add a second winery to your trip, there are two other excellent choices close by. Choose from Miro and Zlatan, about whom you can learn much more here Waves and wines.

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