A Hvar Restaurant with 7 Vegan, 20 Gluten-Free Dishes: Meet the New-Look Lucullus

By 6 June 2018

Some welcome news for vegan and gluten-free diners, as Restaurant Lucullus in Hvar Town announces a new menu with a difference on June 5, 2018. 

When I first moved to Croatia back in 2003, there was an old joke among the few expats living hear concerning the restaurant menus. There is a factory somewhere near Zagreb, I was told, which prints all the menus in Croatia. All you have to do is put your restaurant name on the menu and add your prices. 

And while this clearly did not happen, there was a ring of truth about it, for the menus were very similar indeed. 

Restaurant cuisine has moved on tremendously in the last 15 years in Croatia, and there are a number of Croatian chefs doing very innovative stuff. Along with the traditional classics, there are plenty of external influences to savour, and the Croatian gourmet experience today in the country's restaurants is infinitely better than when I started back in 2003. 

But if you vegetarian, or vegan, or are looking for gluten-free options... 


(kurkuma bread)

I have followed the groans of my vegetarian friends from the UK, Jelsa homeowners since 2005. Much as they love the country, and the fresh ingredients in the market, they really struggle to find decent vegetarian options, although things have gotten a little better in recent years. Other friends looking for gluten-free options, or harder still, vegan, have really struggled at times in Croatian restaurants. So when I heard today that there was a new Hvar restaurant with no less than 20 gluten-free dishes and 7 vegan, I thought I would do a public service and share. 


(gazpacho of baked bell pepper)

After a brief break elsewhere, Stipe Erceg is once more the man with the plan at Restaurant Lucullus, just off the main square in what I used to call Gourmet Street Hvar - Giaxa, Luna and Golden Shell, as well as Lucullus, with a glass or three at 3Prsuta to finish. 


(vegetable curry with coconut milk)

In total, there are 20 gluten-free dishes - 7 starters, 3 soups, 3 warm starters, 6 main dishes and one dessert. 


And six vegan dishes, including this sizable vegan burger. 


Or perhaps a different kind of vegan falafel.


Even the truffle pasta comes with a vegan option. 


There is plenty for meat lovers to get their teeth into as well, however, and the steak and wild boar will meet the challenge of the hungriest carnivore, while the signature Lucullus oven-baked fish is once more on the menu. 

Not being vegan or in need of gluten-free feeding, I asked a couple of friends who were what they thought of a Croatian restaurant offering so much vegan and gluten-free choice on the menu. They were both shocked and extremely excited to find out more. 

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To make a reservation or find out more about the menu, contact owner Stipe.

Stipe Erceg
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