Tolls for Motorways in Croatia Increasing on 15 June

By 4 June 2018

With the main tourist season approaching, the tolls are rising again.

The already expensive toll fees for Croatian motorways will be even more expensive starting from 15 June. The Croatian Motorways public company announced the new higher prices today. The increase was expected since the same thing happened last year as well. Unfortunately, drivers in Croatia have only two possibilities – pay high tolls during the rest of the year or even higher tolls during the summer months, reports on June 4, 2018.

The news was announced by the company in a statement. “Starting from Friday, June 15, at midnight, and ending on 14 September at 23.59 hours, the higher seasonal toll prices will be introduced on motorways managed by the Croatian Motorways (HAC) and Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway (ARZ) companies.

During the period, the unit price of tolls for vehicles belonging to groups I.A, I and II will increase by 10 percent.

The seasonal toll tariff model, which was introduced last year during the three summer months, which is the period of higher traffic intensity, is one of the adopted measures for the purpose of financial restructuring of the road sector companies.

The introduction of seasonal toll prices for specific categories of vehicles is a consequence of the fact that around 40 percent of the total annual turnover is realized during the summer months, and that on some motorways the number of vehicles during the summer increases by up to three times compared to the rest of the year.

In the total vehicle traffic, the largest share of vehicles belongs to the I.A, I and II groups (motorcycles, passenger vehicles, passenger vehicles with trailers and campers). Consequently, the costs of maintenance, safety, monitoring and traffic management in the summer months are also significantly increased,” the press release reads.

The company also posted a table with old and new prices. For example, a one-way travel from Zagreb to Split (Dugopolje) will now cost 200 kuna, as opposed to 181 kuna during the rest of the year.

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