6th Roman Days to be Held in Town Where Roman Emperors Were Born

By 28 May 2018

Colonia Aurelia Cibalae was the name of Vinkovci during Roman times when it played an important role, while its rich history reaches back 8.300 years. Roman Days are on from May 26 to June 2

One of the most incredible facts about Vinkovci is that the town was a birthplace for two Roman emperors, the only ones to originate from the area of modern day Croatia. Emperor Valentinijan I ruled from 364 to 375, also known as the last great western emperor, while his younger brother Valens was also born here, given control of the Eastern Roman Empire from 364 to 378.

Valens, the first Vinkovci craft beer was named after him as he was provenly a beer drinker, which was not common during Roman times, when wine was the dominant drink. Due to this, emperor Valens was called sabaiarius, which in Latin means beer belly.

Two Roman emperors were born in Vinkovci, one of them a beer drinker, while the Museum of Vinkovci guards the recipes for food and pastries, all of which will be available for tasting at Roman Days. Phenomenal tourism story and huge tourism potential.

“Because of all facts listed above, Vinkovci will host the 6th Roman Days, and the first Vinkovci craft beer festival “Beeram Domaće” will take place for the first time. Visitors will be able to uncover and experience secrets of ancient Rome through fights between barbarians and Romans, children’s workshops, Roman games, plays in Latin, gladiator fights, graffiti exhibition, Roman fair, blacksmith workshops and much more from the festival program,” said Martina Matković, director of the Vinkovci Tourism Board.


The first craft beer festival will bring together 12 beer makers from all over Croatia and present over 30 various beers. The festival was created upon the initiative of Ivan Vorgić who started production of Valens, an already established craft beer in Vinkovci. Craft breweries from Požega, Županja, Vinkovci, Osijek, Đakovo, Našice, Nova Gradiška, Daruvar, Zagreb and even Dubrovnik have announced their participation. Quality is guaranteed by labels such as Valens, Hepburn, Beckers, Black Hat, Stric, Slawoner, Bošnjak, Nova runda, Zmajska pivovara, Primarius, DBC and 5th Element.

“We expects a good turnout and I believe it is very important for people to support this. We would also like to promote the festival glass which is a very important item of the festival, emphasizing the quality of consummation of what is sold and promoted,” stated Ivan Vorgić. The festival will take place on June 1 and 2 in the Ban Josip Jelačić street, across from the town park, with entertainment from Hladno Pivo and Belfast Food.

“Ahead of us is a weekend with one of the best programs in town and the beer festival certainly connects to Roman Days as we have two Roman emperors who drank beer in Vinkovci, and we expect this initiative to grow,” stated Mirjam Jukić, director of Novosti and co-organizer of the first craft beer festival in Vinkovci.

On Friday Krešo Marić from the 5th Element and archaeologist Hrvoje Vulić will tell the story of the history of beer making in the area and what it looks like today, and on Saturday the craft scene – producers, distributers and owners of tasting rooms - will be open for all question regarding beer.

“Roman Days and Craft Festival are event we want to develop, and with good organization I believe they can contribute to our economy with more arrivals of guests. The town will aid in the promotion of the festival and give it a chance to develop in the best possible way,” concluded Vinkovci Mayor Ivan Bosančić.

You can view the program of the 6th Roman Days here, and the first Vinkovci Craft Festival on their official Facebook page.

Travel agencies, wake up!

There is content on offer, an excellent weekend in Vinkovci filled with quality and diverse events, get moving.

Proactive travel agencies are growing and developing, as today it is not enough to wait on tourists to enter your office and push on them a plastic and classic offer. Tourists want a unique and authentic experience. We have it all, we just need to package and tell it well. Travel agencies offering only accommodation will soon be shut, and opportunities lay around us. We have much to offer, but we need synergy and proactivity and respect for ourselves as we have much to be proud of – our culture, nature, tradition.

They did their part in Vinkovci, it is now up to others to get involved and tell stories and bring guests. An excellent and rounded tourism story is only 2 hours from Zagreb. Wake up, there is no more excuse. A rounded tourism story with accommodation capacity and excellent motivation is here, just like all over continental Croatia.

It is easy to sell sun and sea, but that changes too. Competition is increasing, as is interference in communication. Those agencies who hop on board the train of promotion and sale of continental tourism will benefit in the long-term. The race has already started, you can still join in.

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