Days of Trsat: A Historical Spectacle to Liven Up the Streets of Rijeka

Trsat neighbourhood in Rijeka will soon travel back in time with another splendid manifestation inspired by the local history

Planning a visit to Rijeka this month? Aim for the week of April 17 - 24: the city is preparing for another edition of Days of Trsat, a manifestation taking place in a historic neighbourhood situated on a hill overlooking the city centre and the entire Kvarner Bay.

Trsat is home to two renowned sites: one is Trsat castle, a magnificent fortress built in the 13th century by the noble Frankopan family. You might remember this story about its famous residents, the two bronze dragons guarding the gate to the mausoleum of Count Laval Nugent, a former owner of the castle.


The other notable site is the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, a pilgrimage destination that owes its fame to a medieval legend. According to the story, Mary's House of Nazareth was brought to Trsat by angels - or the Crusaders on their way back from the Holy Land, according to a different version of the legend - and later moved to the Italian town of Loreto. Nevertheless, the religious site has remained a prominent place of gathering for the faithful from all parts of the world to this day.

Istra_Rijeka_Crkva Gospe Trsatske_0029_preview.jpeg

This year's edition of Days of Trsat is meant to mark two occasions: the Day of St George, the patron saint of Trsat, and the 73rd anniversary of the neighbourhood's liberation from Fascist rule. Based on its Frankopan-specific history, the quaint part of town will travel back in time with a historical costumed parade and a fair of traditional crafts, introducing the visitors to the incredible heritage of this part of Rijeka.


So, what's in store? Take a look at the full schedule below, and start planning a roadtrip:

Tuesday, April 17
19:00 Opening ceremony - a parade of the historical Trsat Frankopan Guard from the sports hall Dvorana Mladosti to the Trsat castle

Wednesday, April 18
17:00 - 20:00 Children's handball tournament at Dvorana Mladosti
18:00 Presentation of traditional crafts at the Trsat branch of Rijeka City Library

Thursday, April 19
16:00 Darts tournament at the Retirees' Club Trsat
17:00 - 20:00 Children's handball tournament at Dvorana Mladosti

Friday, April 20
19:30 Concert of Trsat Town Music at the Croatian Reading Room Trsat

Saturday, April 21
Historical spectacle 'The Return of the Frankopan'
Traditional crafts fair - Petar Zrinski Street

Sunday, April 22
10:00 Wreath laying ceremony at the Trsat Cemetery
Traditional crafts fair - Petar Zrinski Street

Monday, April 23 / Day of St George
10:30 Mass at the church of Our Lady of Trsat
18:00 Mass at the church of Our Lady of Trsat, featuring the Zagreb Archdiocese Cathedral Choir


To learn more about the manifestation, go to Dani Trsata 2018 on Facebook and take a look at the participants here.


Photo credit: Romulić and Stojčić