Rijeka to Welcome 11.000 Cruise Passengers This Season

By 22 March 2018

The biggest Croatian port is slowly becoming a desirable cruise destination

Rijeka is supposed to see 11 cruise ships in the upcoming season, carrying a total of 11.000 passengers, reports Novi list on March 22, 2018. Nine of the eleven ships will visit Rijeka for the first time, the season kicking off on March 26 with the arrival of the ship AIDAaura that will bring 1.200 passengers and 400 crew members to the biggest city on Kvarner. The same ship will return for another visit on March 31.

Six shipping companies have made Rijeka part of their itineraries for the first time, providing an opportunity for local tourist agencies to offer an attractive array of day trips to the cruise passengers. Apart from the implied visit to Rijeka, the travellers are offered day trips to Istria, Gorski Kotar, Krk island, and farther destinations such as Plitvice Lakes National Park.

The largest ship will be among the last to arrive, set to dock in Rijeka on October 14 - Queen Victoria, a cruise ship with a capacity of 2014 passengers and 900 crew members. As it measures an impressive 294 metres in length, it will moor at the Brajdica terminal in Rijeka Port. The company Seabourn Cruise Lines will make two visits to Rijeka with its ultra-luxurious ships Seabourn Enchore, built in 2016, and Seabourn Ovation, which is expected to make its maiden voyage in May this year. The latter will bring 600 passengers to Rijeka on November 1, making for the last cruise ship visit of the season.

The cruise ship Berlin, owned by FTI Cruises, has visited the area several times thus far, stopping by the Viktor Lenac Shipyard for overhauls. April 17 will be the first time for Berlin to dock in Rijeka Port with 400 passengers in tow.

Another ship called The World will spend two days moored in Rijeka; it's the only ship of the eleven that won't dock in the port but remain at anchor. According to the choice of the shipping company ResidenSea, The World's passengers will be transported to land on multiple smaller boats.

Oriana is known as one of the largest cruise ships that have ever visited the biggest port in Croatia. In 2012, it was anchored in Rijeka's waters; this time around, it's set to arrive on July 4 with 1.900 passengers and dock at Brajdica terminal. We should also mention the shipping company Oceania Cruises, whose luxury cruise ship Riviera is set to arrive on August 16. The company employs seafarers from Rijeka on prominent positions in their fleet.

Another announced arrival is that of the ship Azamara Quest, owned by Azamara Club Cruises and set to sail into Rijeka Port on September 22. The company has a habit of planning various activities and entertainment for its passengers in collaboration with the host city, which is why Rijeka applied with a proposal to organise a special evening for the guests. Azamara Club Cruises has already confirmed four arrivals next year.

When you think of Dubrovnik which regularly records five or six cruise ship arrivals on a daily basis, eleven arrivals in the entire season doesn't sound like much. However, Rijeka has yet to position itself as a desirable cruise destination, and things are looking up with the city starting to make an appearance on websites of various companies which have decided to include Rijeka in their itineraries. Expectations are even higher for 2019, with 17 cruise ship arrivals and 20.000 passengers announced thus far. As we're coming closer to 2020 and Rijeka taking over the title of the European Capital of Culture, cruise tourism is only expected to grow.