Are Seaplanes Coming Back to Croatia? Meet Split Air, Pride of Dalmatia

By 19 March 2018

March 19, 2018 - A new airline is about to be launched in Dalmatia, promising the return of seaplanes among other offerings. Meet Split Air, Pride of Dalmatia. 

Could we yet see seaplanes back in Croatia, as early as this June?

In the latest twist to the seaplane saga, a new airline appears about to be launched, called Split Air, Pride of Dalmatia. 

I will confess to knowing little about it. The website was registered 5 days ago in Panama and appears to be a work in progress. But they are promising flights in both regular and seaplanes to islands, coastal destinations, and cities in other countries (Venice, Sarajevo and Mostar) from June 28, with booking from May 1 (if you could add Split - Tivat, that would be great, if anyone from Split Air is reading). Their planned bases, it would appear from the contact information, will be Resnik and downtown Split, where European Coastal Airlines operated. 


According to the Split Air website:

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Split Air is a flight operator based in Split, connecting cities and islands along the Croatian coast as well as neighbouring tourist destinations.

Our vision is to offer passengers to fly to popular destinations in this region where the only choice of transport is bus or ferry which is a waiste of time for people with a limited holiday. We will also offer services with seaplanes to remote and exclusive islands in the Adriatic which doesnt have any airports.

There is no contact phone number on the site, just an email form, so I will leave it to others to find out who is behind the project. My early information is that Split Air is in contact with former ECA staff regarding jobs, and there is a suggestion that the company might be partnering with Silver Air, who recently announced a series of flights from Losinj. 

If anyone has more concrete information, or if Split Air would like to introduce themselves via a TCN interview, our doors are open - contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Check out the Split Air website here.